Disney Shuts Down Snow White Reimagining 'The Order of the Seven' Starring Saoirse Ronan, Cites 'John Carter' Woes

Apparently there isn't enough room for three Snow White movies. Disney, who had been developing a Snow White reimagining of their own for almost a decade, has shut down development on The Order of the Seven, which would have starred Saoirse Ronan.

The Snow White character was to be reimaginged as a young woman in 19th century Hong Kong who escapes from her wicked stepmother and takes refuge with seven men belonging to an ancient order dedicated to fighting demons and dragons. Sounds like a pretty awesome reimagining, as it essentially becomes a fantastical action movie version of The Magnificent Seven.

Mark Fergus and Hawk Ostby were hired to rework the script and Michael Gracey was set to make his directorial debut with the movie. But now everything has come to a stop, with THR reporting that a part of it is due to the fallout from John Carter's poor box office performance. Reportedly, the increasing budget of  The Order of the Seven, combined with concerns of having a first time director at the helm were also factors in the shutdown.

Disney famously shut down The Lone Ranger last year, due to an escalating budget and script concerns. The issues were worked out and the film, starring Johnny Depp and directed by Gore Verbinski moved forward into production. The Order of the Seven may not have the same fate as there are already two Snow White films existing in 2012; Mirror Mirror with its less than impressive box office and Snow White and the Huntsman, hitting theaters June 1.

Are you bummed that we won't see this fantastical action version of Snow White?

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