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Disney Releases 'Beauty and the Beast 3D' Trailer

Disney has released the first trailer for their upcoming 3D-converted classic Beauty and the Beast and as with previous 3D re-release movies, this one is very much in 2D with voice-over work urging us to splurge and check out what Disney has to offer.

Earlier this year, Disney trotted out The Lion King 3D. While the movie made a heap-load of money, $93 million domestically and $144 million worldwide, it seems audiences were drawn more by nostalgia rather than the mediocre 3D.
Still Disney has scheduled a slate of previously released movie to undergo 3D enhancement and Beauty and the Beast marks the first of four films that will be re-released between 2012 and 2013. Finding Nemo, Monsters, Inc. and The Little Mermaid are the other films.
Based on the success of The Lion King 3D, all four of these re-releases should perform well, though it does beg the question if re-releasing classic movies in 3D is the new movement in Hollywood. We'll have to wait and see how things shake out, but for now, check out the first trailer for Beauty and the Beast 3D, in theaters January 13.



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