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Discuss: Can 'The Avengers' Catch James Cameron on the All-Time Box Office Charts?


As it turns out, James Cameron is a far more worthy opponent for Joss Whedon’s The Avengers than Loki. 
Box office estimates from the weekend dropped Avengers down to No. 3 on the Top 10 list. But that isn’t the only third-place finish for the still-rampaging blockbuster … nor is it the most significant. By pushing its overall cume to $1.3 billion worldwide and $552.9 million domestically, The Avengers has surpassed Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight to become the third-highest-grossing film in the world. 
Here’s something even more staggering: Cameron gets credit for the two films ahead of The Avengers, namely Titanic and Avatar. Can you imagine that one filmmaker has delivered the two highest-grossing films of all time? That stat blows my mind. 
Now for the big question: Can The Avengers ever catch up to, or even surpass, either of Cameron’s two blockbusters? 
Whedon’s film, in my opinion, has a pretty good shot at topping Titanic domestically. The sinking-ship romance stands at $658.6M, meaning Avengers only has to pull in an additional $100M over the duration of the summer to knock it off. Tough, but feasible. 
Avatar’s another story. It’s sitting pretty at the top of the box office with a whopping $760.5 million. I’d be very surprised if The Avengers had enough legs to reach that level. 
Want to know Cameron’s secret? He releases his blockbusters in December, so they can plow through weaker competition in January and February. It’s a brilliant move. And if any film wants to possible top Avatar – like, say, The Avengers 2 – it’s be smart to open on the second weekend of December. Then sit back and watch the bank vaults fill.
What do you think? Will Cameron hold on to the top two box office slots? Or can The Avengers dethrone one (or both) of his features? Share your thoughts!    

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