Did 'Vampires Suck' Make You Hungry for More Spoof Movies?

After a few wins in a row, my ultra hip top secret box office prediction computer failed to produce The Expendables this past weekend, and so today I hang my head in shame. Still, though, my prediction that Vampires Suck would be up there near the top was accurate, as the latest spoof flick from the duo behind Epic Movie, Disaster Movie, Meet the Spartans and more still coughed up second place during a pretty lackluster week at the box office. The Expendables managed to hold on for one more first place finish with $16 million, while Vampires Suck hung around to do minor damage with $12.2 million.

Vampires Suck

Vampires Suck fell somewhere in between Disaster Movie ($5 million opening) and Meet the Spartans ($18 million opening), proving … what, exactly? Well, it shows that these films aren't a sure sell anymore – that their box office numbers are going down, and that if the spoof genre is going to survive it needs to add some originality and some spunk. The $12 million opening for Vampires Suck, while strong, was probably due more toward Twi-hards showing up to watch their beloved franchise get made fun of than it was anything else.
As of now, another Scary Movie is in the works (it's the fifth one, and it'll be brought to us by these same guys), but beyond that there's really nowhere else to go. Sure, the superhero trend probably deserves its own spoof, but I'd personally like to see something like the old Airplane movies or even Naked Gun make a return to theaters versus this latest spoof-a-genre trend. Or, maybe we can get meta with it and have someone spoof the spoof movies. That could be funny too.
What do you think? Did you see Vampires Suck and like it? Not like it? Would you see more spoof movies like it, or are you done wasting money on stuff that's just not funny at all?
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