DiCaprio, Scorsese and a Chimpanzee: Three Things We Learned from the 'Wolf of Wall Street' Trailer

Later this year, Leonardo DiCaprio will trade his Great Gatsby tuxedo for the tailored suits of Wall Street when he and director Martin Scorsese tackle an adaptation of Jordan Belfort’s memoirs The Wolf of Wall Street – which document his extravagant days as a financial trader. 
How extravagant? Watch the first trailer and judge for yourself:

DiCaprio and Scorsese have had an extremely fruitful working relationship over the years, collaborating on the film that earned Marty his Oscar (The Departed) as well as brilliant genre exercises like Shutter Island and Gangs of New York. Wolf looks like a mix of Spielberg’s Catch Me if You Can blended with Oliver Stone’s Wall Street and Scorsese’s own After Hours. Here are three things the new trailer taught us.
1. Money corrupts
That has been a theme of so many rise-and-fall stories, and a topic Scorsese enjoys exploring. But once Belfort (DiCaprio) acquires a certain amount of financial power, it seems like he’s eager to abuse it. He owns a chimpanzee. He surrounds himself with beautiful women. And he taunts an FBI agent (Kyle Chandler), which you know is going to come back to haunt him by the picture’s end. 
2. Matthew McConaughey might earn an Oscar nomination
This is the Year of McConaughey, starting with his critically acclaimed turn in Mud. In addition to Wolf, the laid-back character actor plays an AIDS patient in Dallas Buyers Club. But the title card proclaiming DiCaprio and Jonah Hill as Academy Award nominees looks sad when McConaughey has no illustrious title. I think that changes this year, and working with Scorsese could be the key to finally earning Magic Matthew the Oscar cred he deserves. 
3. DiCaprio and rap go hand in hand
Much like Gatsby leaned on an original soundtrack pieced together by Jay-Z, this first Wolf clip relies on the driving, aggressive beats of Kanye West’s new album Yeezus, which hasn’t officially been released yet. Though Wolf takes place in a not-so-distant past, the music gives it a contemporary spin (and the rhythms seems to envelope DiCaprio in ways that fit his character’s illustrious lifestyle). 
The first trailer doesn’t develop a lot of the story, and the last moments with DiCaprio and McConaughey are deliciously strange. We’re willing to sign on to Wolf of Wall Street simply on pedigree. When these talents unite for a story, we’re dying to hear what they come up with. But expect to hear plenty more as we get closer to the film’s November 15 release date.    



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