Day 8: 'Robocop'

"Every movie you've ever seen that you've really, really loved is always about resurrection."
- Peter Weller, Aero Theater, May 14, 7:27pm

Who knew there was a deep, Biblical theme at work in Robocop? But damned if Mr. Weller, or as we'll call him, Mr. Robocop, isn't on to something. According to him, director - and Dutch favorite son -  Paul Verhoeven had a vision. "They can take everything away from you but not your soul. That is God given. That was Verhoeven." On the actioner's morbid/darkly humorous tone, he also added, "Well, you know the Dutch...industrial people... inventive...depressed."

Seeing it for the first time since probably 1990, I couldn't recall much of the movie other than I liked it, and Weller looked supremely cool in the Robocop outfit. The scenes stuck in my head before the screening were of the over-the-top variety - the security robot gone haywire blasting the poor sap exec to shreds; the car smashing the mutated hoodlum into a million goopy pieces. I'd forgotten about the genius, satircal TV flashes (the "I'll buy that for a dollar!" ads and the priceless "Nuke 'Em" board game) and especially the underlying story of a dead cop rising from the ashes to reclaim his identity.

Bottom line: Robocop holds up great, and the actor who played him is a kick. I have to admit, a week into the project, my body's starting to realize something funny is going on (Why are we sitting around in the dark for two hours every night Chuck? When do we get to sleep before 1am?) but my movie-watching, movie-loving barometer is stoked. Tonight, I watched Robocop with Peter Weller at the legendary Aero theater, part of the American Cinematheque a few blocks from my house (where I've also seen movies like The Untouchables with writer David Mamet in the house, Swingers with director Jon Favreau, the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre with live commentary from Tobe Hooper, and a 14 hour Christian Bale movie marathon with Bale Q&A, potty mouth firmly in check). Yesterday was the Hugh Hefner documentary with Hugh Hefner. Tomorrow is Robin Hood with my childhood buddy in from out of town. Sunday is a day trip to San Francisco to see Just Wright at the Metreon. Monday is Beverly Hills Cop at the Mann Chinese in Hollywood with live Eddie Murphy intro. The body may be failing. But the spirit - like Robocop - is on the rise.

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IMAX Prize-Pack Giveaway!