Day 64: 'Despicable Me'

'Despicable Me'

The East Coast adventure continues today with a trip to the Washington D.C. area in anticipation of the city's upcoming Screen on the Green series, which debuts Monday night with the classic James Bond adventure, Goldfinger.

Before we get there, though, the Day 64 screening was for the kiddie animated adventure Despicable Me at Baltimore's fantastic Cinemark Egyptian 24 (formerly owned by Muvieco, it's an incredibly cool theater that uses ancient Egypt as its motif for decorum - see pictures below).

Besides the movie and museum/amusement park setting bringing back all kinds of childhood memories, the screening and this entire weekend are enhanced by a unique gift. I was already excited that Scott, one of my best buds from childhood, is an Army major who's stationed in the area. But to sweeten the deal further, my other three best friends from home whom I've known for close to 30 years - Shawn, Shaun and Frank - are flying in from Utah, Colorado and Istanbul, Turkey (!), for our "Crue" reunion.

Collectively, we've watched literally hundreds of movies together, from our days in elementary school on through our '80s junior high and high school years at the cineplex and renting loads of VHS tapes on a Friday night, to various movie screenings and memories post-'80s with significant others, spouses and kids - currently 15 and counting (for the three who are marriend) sincere thanks, on that note, to their wives for understanding and letting them go for the weekend...

Anyways, the movie was actually just O.K. Steve Carell voices a funny villain-turned-softie named Gru, who becomes a parental type to three loveable little girls. Some of the humor works for adults, but the animation and the hit-and- miss jokes are aimed squarely at the younger set. I'm wary of any movie with fart jokes and a dance sequence at the end, but the images are easy on the eyes and Mr. Carell gives it his best shot.

Mainly, I was just psyched to be sitting in a theater with my two childhood friends (the other two are still on the way). It seems like just yesterday we were riding our bikes to the mall, buying Bruce Lee posters (ok, that was just me) and checking out Spaceballs and The Lost Boys. That's life. One minute, you're a pre-teen sneaking into Beverly Hils Cop II. The next, you're tired and almost 40. Seeing movies again with these guys,'s a real life Hot Tub Time Machine.


Once upon a time, these two characters and I unsuccessfully tried to get into saw Overboard instead...

The sphinx of moviegoing demands that you spend some time with him...

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