Day 62: 'Say Anything'

To use a surfer term, I'm totally stoked right now. I'm sitting in McCarren Park in Brooklyn for one of the all-time great '80s youth movies, Say Anything. My friends Rachel and Jenny from Fandango have arrived in New York (it's nice to see some familiar faces on this east coast leg), and L Magazine, the organizers of this cool outdoor summer screening series (which goes on five more weeks - if you're in NYC, seek it out), have just come by and offered me pizza and drinks. Does life get any better?

In all semi-seriousness, though, this is truly amazing for me. The heat in the city has finally come down a few degrees, and it's really nice outside (unlike yesterday's 100 degree plus weather)...alright, the organizer just returned with food and beverages and affectionately referred to me as the "movie man" (he heard me on an interview earlier today on New York's NPR radio). It truly is a classic summer movie night.

They asked in the NPR interview, too, why I'm doing this, especially in a summer of lackluster summer movies. But here's the thing. There really is nothing like watching a movie during the summer with your friends and/or family and experiencing that 'break from reality' at a time of year when we can all use a little joy and fun. There's absolutely nothing wrong with it. It's a national pastime, and a world pastime that we all remember as kids, and as grownups who can still enjoy a great movie experience shared with loved ones, and connected with strangers.

Sitting here on a warm summer evening, just after sunset, next to friends, enjoying food outside, in a new city, watching one of the all-time classic movie characters from my life, Lloyd Dobler (the teen rebel hero who does everything he can for the object of his affection, Diane Court), I'm feeling a little sentimental. Think about Lloyd Dobler holding that boom box outside Diane's window in the summer time, playing Peter Gabriel's "In Your Eyes" for the girl that he honestly, sincerely loves. There's an ideal in there that's inspiring for filmmakers to create good, lasting movies, and for all of us to seek out and treasure good moviewatching, with new friends and old. On an awesome, memorable night, I wish everyone an excellent rest of their summers, and to experience and enjoy times just like this.


Summer movies in the heart of Brooklyn...

A fantastic crowd to see Say can't tell, but that's the incredible Ione Skye up onscreen...

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