Day 6: 'Clash of the Titans 3D'

Sometimes the silliest movie experiences are the greatest. I'll use a surf metaphor here. Whether the waves are big or small, it's all about the fun. You could be riding some monster on the North Shore, or piddling around in 2-foot waves at Sunset, but if you're in good company or having a great day, life's good. That's all to say, Clash of the Titans 3D is far from a great swell. For cheesey fun, stick to the original. It's not as self-important and it has a mechanical owl. Here, Sam Worthington makes fun of Bubo.

But that doesn't mean you can't have great fun making fun of Sam Worthington. I caught Clash on Day 6 with one of my best buds, Ryan, who's also an actor and Australian. He's on a show called True Blood on HBO, and while, yes , I'm biased, he does possess one trait that Worthington's sorely lacking. Ryan isn't afraid to look foolish. (Hopefully, some of you all watch the show, but trust me, Ryan's dumb as a rock lothario Jason Stackhouse is a constant source of entertainment). Forget the crap 3D in Titans, or the fact that there isn't much to it - a skipping stone across the water doesn't count. Worthington, in my humble opinion, is the larger problem. He's not as dumb as a rock. He's just a rock.

Look back at all of the recent great, memorable lead action stars. Harrison Ford, Mel Gibson before he went cuckoo, the highly underrated Kurt Russell, Bruce Willis in Die Hard, even Keanu Reeves in Point Break, Speed and The Matrix (you'll notice over and over in these posts that I am an unabashed Reeves fan when he's cast in the right role). Anyways, I was talking to Ryan about this during the movie (we were the only ones in theater which meant you could yell as loud as you want), and here's what we concluded...

Action movies live or die by the lead actor or actress. It's important to be tough. Clint, he's tough. But see, Clint doesn't "try" to be tough. He just is. Same with Arnold. Same with the way Matt Damon played Jason Bourne. Same with Bale's crazy tough guys. What's more interesting are the subtelties, the quirks, the humanity that all of these toughies add to the mix. It's Clint pulling a finger out instead of a gun in Gran Torino, and Willis bleeding like a flesh and blood human while "yippe-ki-yayin" through a million baddies. Worthington adds none of this. He's just a guy trying to look tough and giving that "this is our land!" or "Zeus be damned!" speech to the troops. I'll buy Mel Gibson in Braveheart giving that speech, but partially it's because I remember the guy watching Bugs Bunny cartoons in Lethal Weapon.

That's just me. I had a grand time at Clash shooting the *@# out of its self-seriousness, half-hearted "3D" and mostly the stone-faced blankness of the hero (somehow, it went down easier here than Worthington's other recent, trying too-hard-for-Han-Solo-coolness performances). The whole thing moves along rather quickly, which is fine. Also, Sergio at the concession stand, thanks for remembering me from two nights before at How to Train Your Dragon 3D. You were right. That was vastly superior.

Action fans of the universe, what do you think? Is Sam Worthington the bee's knees? And speaking of action, we'll be seeing a true action classic, Robocop, on Friday at the Aero Theater in Santa Monica. Mr. Robocop Peter Weller will be on hand. It should be a fight, who wins, Robocop, or Avatar's Jake Sully? Here's a poll, and let me know your thoughts, too, in the comments below...

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