Day 55: 'Twilight: Eclipse'

Day 55: 'Twilight: Eclipse'

Taylor Lautner, Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson in 'The Twilight Saga: Eclipse'

10 Things I Learned at the Midnight Opening Show of Eclipse:

1 - Girls think Jacob is hot. Duh. (Edward shows up first, but the first abnormal decibels at my screening were for Jacob's smoldering - or was that pouty? - intro. scene in the parking lot.)

2 - Girls would rather date Edward. And marry him. (Jacob and Bella's kiss? The real one in the snow? No discernible reaction. The Edward proposal? Audible sighs, and at least 4.7 rounds of applause.)

3 - Dudes don't go with dudes to Eclipse at midnight on opening night. Or at any other time. Every dude in attendance (the 5 of them including me) was with a girl or a pack of girls. Or could claim it was for work.

4 - Dudes give other dudes (and other girls) the "O.K., you got me" look, right after they get the "Really? You're at Eclipse?" look.

5 - Eclipse is the best in The Twilight Saga movie series so far. It has more action, the actors have a better handle on their roles, and every CGI wolf is better rendered than those fake-looking beasties in New Moon.

6 - "Best" when describing the quality of a Twilight Saga movie is a relative term. This is not Toy Story 3. But it does top High School Musical 3.

7 - If you wait to buy tickets until opening day, you will be stuck in the second row. But if it's a theater with reserved seating, at least you know you're stuck in the second row, and can show up ten minutes beforehand, and avoid the screaming in the lobby.

8 - Anybody notice how the universes of Twilight and "True Blood" (the adults version of a vampire saga on HBO) keep expanding? More side characters, backstories, backstabbing and bloodsucking politics? In the case of Eclipse, that's a good thing. There's only so much mooning between Edward and Bella - "no, I love you more!" - a fully evolved human being can be expected to handle.

9 - Since I mentioned "True Blood," I will also now put in a shameless plug for the show and my pal Ryan Kwanten, who's thoroughly amazing on it as the dimwitted Jason Stackhouse. Did I mention "True Blood"? It's great. Buy HBO.

10 - It's 3:04am in the morning, June 30th. In conclusion, I've learned that the midnight opening show of Eclipse was also awesome because it is responsible for me posting the earliest update ever to the 100 days blog. That means I will now go to bed before midnight tonight. After I go to bed right now.

Ok, one last thing. If you do love The Twilight Saga, then there's nothing you won't love in this latest installment. I was serious when I said it's the best in the series to this point. It's darker, it has more action, and less cheese (although there's still plenty of cheese). Plus, it co-stars a guy named BooBoo. I'm not sure why that's prudent. But the fact that someone in this world is actually named BooBoo has to be mentioned. Alright. Good night.

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