Day 5: 'Date Night'

Thanks to my gracious boss, I was able to move around a couple of work hours, and take in an afternoon screening of Date Night. The thing about an afternoon screening on a weekday is that, whether you're on vacation or working on a project like this, it always feels like you're playing hooky. The rest of the world is being productive and you're checking out a flick. Which isn't a bad thing. It's just a reminder of how movies really are an escape from our our normal and/or physically active lives.

The other interesting thing about a weekday afternoon screening are the people who are actually at weekday afternoon screenings, because you know you and they are thinking the same thing...I wonder why that person's not at work...

A month after Date Night came out, surprisingly, there were a lot of people at the Tuesday matinee. Maybe it was just the location I picked, but I was literally the one guy attending alongside row upon row upon row of elderly couples, which seemed to emphasize a few things. Instead of everyone looking at each other, they're all looking at me. Second, they're definitely thinking, why isn't that kid at work...and third, why is he at a movie called Date Night with no date in sight? The closest I could wrangle to a companion was this guy in the lobby...

Regardless, it was fun watching Steve Carell and Tina Fey get into lots of goofy predicaments with a crowd that lapped it all in. In the movie - where our heroes are mistaken for another couple and chased by thugs for 90 minutes - the comic duo aren't as zany (or funny) as I expected, but I could buy them as a married couple, so that counts for something. Plus, I was at a movie theater on a weekday afternoon, and for a purpose. Time-management wise, I'll need to work a few more of these in over the course of the next 90+ days.

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