Day 4: 'How to Train Your Dragon 3D'

I know now what's going to be the hardest part of completing this 100 Days of Summer Movies experiment. It's not the rushing to the movie theater at the end of each work day. It's not giving up 2 - 4 hours of life every day, and writing up these posts. And it's not the stamina required to sit in the dark through the good, bad and mild movie products headed our way. It is most definitively this...

Nachos Galore

...representing 1101 calories of nachos and cheese, 305 calories of hot dog and bun, and a potential future coronary. At age 16, my Samoan metabolism had no trouble downing a Kit Kat and a large Cherry Coke without any discernible side effect (relatively speaking; I am still Samoan). At 37, I'm trying to be at least somewhat health conscious. When cotton candy has the lowest calorie count on the menu at a "miniscule" 300 calories and 74 grams of carbs, we could be in serious trouble. Right now, I'm a summer surf healthy 190 pounds. BUT let's see how we're doing in three weeks - down, Samoan genes! Tips on healthy eating at a movie theater or the best way to sneak in good snacks are more than welcome and appreciated.

How to Train Your Dragon 3DMovie report: How to Train Your Dragon 3D is smokin' hot good. I'm a little late to the game, but if, like me, you've somehow missed  this 200 million and counting, smoldering giant of a blockbuster, you can still catch it quick. Unlike recent hastily produced 3D conversions (umm, Tim Burton), this adventure was designed for the animated 3D format from the get-go and it shows. There aren't any cheap shots of dragon fire blasting your face. You're simply immersed in an original Viking world where upstart Hiccup trains his funky pet dragon Toothless. For comparison, I'll catch Clash of the Titans' last minute 3D on Wednesday and let you know what I think. Being a super fan of the '81 original, though, I've got my doubts - pit Sam Worthington against Harry Hamlin and the original Bubo mechanical owl, and I'm taking "L.A. Law" guy every time.

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