Day 31: 'Marmaduke'

Do dogs a favor. If you love them, or if you love the comic strip, read "Marmaduke" or hang out with a real dog. Unless you're an 8-year-old, or the parent of one who has no other movie option, you'll find nothing redeeming about this doggie do. I know I'm not the target demo for this kiddie flick, but kids deserve better, too. When a movie starts and ends on a fart joke, and is filled in between with knee-slappers like "who let the dogs out?" and "I'd be a boneillionaire," you know your IQ level's about to be lowered. But it's Marmaduke, right? Ok, cool. It still blows.

For those who must know, the movie's about Marmaduke and company making the move from Kansas to the O.C. (as in "The O.C." like the TV show - referenced here two too many times). Dad works for an organic dog food company trying to pitch their product to PetCo. One of their grand ideas: let's put Marmaduke on a surf board! That'll be awesome! Or not.

It's basically downhill from there. Some of the kids around me jigged along with the dancing dogs in the end credits, but just as many looked bored out of their minds. The only bright spot for moi was checking into FourSquare during the movie and seeing that I could potentially become the Mayor of the Loews promenade theater. Advice to dog movie lovers - rent The Incredible Journey or Milo & Otis or even Beverly Hills Chihuahua instead. They've all got paws up on this puppy.


Seen this and loved it? Think I'm barking up the wrong tree? Let me know in the comments below. I actually do love dogs, and have some favorite dog movies - the aforementioned Incredible Journey being number one, the animated Fox and the Hound, Best in Show for older kids...what about you? What are some more worthy doggie movies to see instead (or beyond if you liked it) Marmaduke?

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