Day 20: 'Sex and the City 2'

SATC 2's John Corbett and Sarah Jessica ParkerToday was an ultimate test on this 100 days trek. I was supposed to watch Woody Allen's Sleeper at the Aero theater by my house, but somehow, I was snookered into catching Sex and the City 2 with my co-workers Melinda and Harry across town at Hollywood's Arclight theaters - an appropriately ritzy venue for glam gals Carrie and company.

I confess - I've seen all of 10 minutes of Sex and the City over the years, usually when channel surfing long enough to go "eh, not for me" and keep on surfing. In the same way that I know my female friends aren't dying to watch the bar fight scene in Steven Seagal's Out for Justice with me for my 372nd personal viewing, I was absolutely certain I'm the farthest thing from the target demographic for SATC.

Here's the rub, though. I love cheese. Especially over-the-top, ridiculously insane cheese where you sit back awestruck, stare in disbelief, and then have no choice but to explode in laughter at the gloriously goofy dynamics at work up there on the big screen. Xanadu, Grease 2, Streets of Fire, Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band...bring 'em all on. If it's colorful, outrageous and not boring, I'll eat it.

SATC 2 is two and a half hours of non-stop cheese-making. I was worried - no, panic-stricken - when I heard this thing was that long, figuring I would be stuck in an estrogen-only zone that would be about as fun for me as getting my nails done. But wonder of wonders, darned if this tale of the fab foursome heading to Abu Dhabi and turning the country inside out and color-coordinated didn't have me laughing.

Whether the laughs were intended is besides the point, and to be fair, I think they were...from the "I Am Woman" karaoke to the jeep-riding himbo pulling up with his perfectly dust-speckled sunburn...everything's just way, way, way over the top. Liza Minelli's take on Beyonce at the start seems forced, but from there, SATC 2 gives fans their girls doing what they do best - being fabu BFFs (where the actresses end and the characters begin only SJP and her tight-knit coterie can tell).

The rest of us should be glad that if we're dragged to this flick (which, if you're male and not having to watch 100 movies in 100 days, I totally understand if you pass), the level of absurdity makes the running time fly by. Since I'm new to the franchise, I had to ask, is it always this outrageous? While Mel told me Samantha's always on hormonal overdrive, she said the rest of the film's mix of relationship stuff and bugs bunny in gucci material is usually more even-keeled.

To which I say, to heck with that. If I'm going to watch 150 minutes of "Aidan or Big?", then I'm down for the piled-on cheddar. If you're not counting calories, would you rather eat a turkey burger on wheat or a double western bacon with cheese? Note to SATC diehards: I did scratch my head wondering why SJP was wearing a dress that looked like a newspaper wrapped around her midriff, but Mel assured the fans will love seeing their girl rock out like it's 1998. Bonus points, too, for the Cyndi Lauper tune at the end - and maybe not the one you're expecting.


Before the show...a little apprehensive... with Swiss!

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