Day 14: 'Iron Man 2  (Non-IMAX)'

Day 14: 'Iron Man 2 (Non-IMAX)'

Full disclosure: Day 14 was a little hectic. Originally, I'd planned to see the latest SNL-skit-turned-comedy-flick MacGruber at Hollywood’s Arclight theater tonight. But, life intervenes. After remembering my sister and niece are coming to town this weekend (my sis: "You forgot what?!"), I’m now on plan B. Today’s Movie Day for the Fandango folks, so, after Day 1’s Iron Man 2: The IMAX Experience from the 2nd row at Universal CityWalk, it’s time for Day 15, Iron Man 2: The Non IMAX Experience from the last row at Regal Live, typing away discreetly – I think – from inside the auditorium before a quick trip to LAX.

Hopefully, the monitor glare’s not bothering my co-worker Wes…O.k., here’s what’s different the second time around watching big, bad Iron Man. Tony Stark, or more to the point, Robert Downey, Jr., is as fabulous and ornery as he was opening night. The cast, too, are still fun to watch, although I wouldn’t mind seeing more of Mickey Rourke’s wacky Russian accent as Whiplash, and less of the clunk, clunk of the Iron Man vs. Iron Men action sequence. Come to think of it, that’s what was wrong with the first movie, too. The character stuff worked, and the action stuff – while mind-blowing and ear-shattering in digital surround – tends toward the repetitive.

I guess you have to please the fanboys, and at both venues and formats I saw it in, this looks and sounds like a 14-year-old’s ultimate fantasy. Plus, the Michael Bay generation seems fine to soak in a basin of overkill. It’s us old fogies that don't mind if they nix $15 million of visual effects and 30 minutes of run time.

I’ve just been officially warned by management to turn off my electronic device. Thankfully, when I saw them rushing towards me, I quickly passed off my iPhone light for the netbook's monitor display, so at least they didn’t confiscate anything (although that makes me think, how do movie critics take notes?). Seven minutes later, here we are in a bathroom stall. Gratefully, the netbook saved my post. Signing off - for now.

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