Day 10: 'Just Wright'

Nine point five times out of ten, using the movie title as the dialogue in your key scene – as in "You’re just right" – is just not. This one about an underappreciated therapist turning the head of a chiseled yet sensitive NBA star/closet jazz pianist hits every cliché in the fairytale/rom com playbook. It coasts awhile on the charms of fabulous Queen Latifah, but neither she nor 3%-body-fat-hero Common are done any favors by the clunky script. The only thing out-of-the-ordinary about day 10's field trip to San Francisco’s sleek Metreon cineplex was a crazy woman who kept yelling at the screen (from "I loved Romancing the Stone!" to "No, girl, you’re worthy!"). I'm game for audience participation, but sheesh, at least step outside the theater for the family phone call. Behind the stadium seats just adds some unnecessary surround sounds.

Here was the good part – which had nothing to do with the movie. Day 10 also coincided with Fandango's second year participating in the city's famed Bay-to-Breakers race, a 7.46 mile "journey." It's officially a qualifying race for marathon runners, and many do run it. But for most, it’s an annual walking party through the streets of S.F. with costumed participants, naked old dudes and mobile beer kegs. If you think you’ve seen it all, this event might convince you otherwise (a couple of pictures below, but to get the full gist, here's a you-are-there-drinking-light-beers-too photo feature). Part Halloween, part Mardi Gras and the biggest frat party/elderly nudist colony combo the world has ever known, it should be experienced at least once. Any more will depend on your tolerance for exhibitionism from all shapes, ages and skin conditions. See you next year?

Mr. Fandango, Mr. Franzia, and thousands of friends...

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