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'Dark Knight' Director Takes Charge of 'Superman' Reboot!

If you were Warner Bros. and you wanted to reboot the Superman franchise, but didn't exactly know what to do with it, who would you call? The Ghostbusters? Probably not. But what about that guy who successfully rebooted the Batman franchise, and turned its second installment into one of the most popular movies of this generation? I'd say one might want to ask for his opinion, no?


And that's apparently what the studio is doing, if Deadline Hollywood is to be believed. While Christopher Nolan probably won't be directing any Superman reboot, the studio has asked him to sort of "mentor" the re-launch in what I imagine will be some sort of executive producer capacity. Meanwhile, Nolan, as well as David Goyer and Jonah Nolan, have begun script work on the next Batman movie.
So what, exactly, will Nolan be doing on Superman? Well, perhaps he'll be there to try to spell out a direction for the franchise – one that may one day cross paths with Nolan's Batman franchise when it comes to an eventual Justice League film. With all the hype surrounding Marvel's Avengers movie, you know Warner Bros. wants to carefully plan their own multi-superhero blockbuster, and who else to have as captain of your team than the guy behind The Dark Knight.
Still, it's very early in the planning stages – so much so that I doubt there's even a nugget of a story idea yet for Superman. So, while we wait for more news, let us know what you think about these interesting developments. Does Nolan belong in the Superman camp, or does Warner Bros. need to put someone else in charge?
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