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Daredevil Returns to Disney/Marvel: 10 Guys Who Could Play the Part

At Wednesday's Iron Man 3 red carpet premiere, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige confirmed that the Daredevil character will revert back to the Disney/Marvel family after spending the last decade plus as a Fox property. The rights expire this fall.

This doesn't mean that there's a movie in the works, though there have been attempts to reboot the character as recently as 2011 with director David Slade coming on board to possibly direct. That project was scrapped and time expired.

While Marvel is focusing on their Phase Two batch of films which include Iron Man 3, Thor: The Dark World, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Guardians of the Galaxy and Avengers 2, you can bet the forward-thinking company is quietly discussing how to bring Matt Murdock back to the big screen.

And so with that in mind, here are ten actors who could fit the role along with the pros and cons that come with casting them.

Ryan Gosling

Pro: If you're going to reboot the character, you may as well swing for the fences. Gosling is a well-known name who would certainly bring in the coveted female audience that at times can be difficult for superhero movies to access. He's proven capable in gritty movies like Drive and The Places Beyond the Pines as well as the upcoming Only God Forgives.

Con: When rumors of Gosling being in contention to play The Flash for WB were swirling, the actor said he had no interest in playing a role in a superhero movie. Add to that the fact that Gosling tends to gravitate toward indie movies and you can probably ditch any notions of him signing a contract with Marvel.

Michael Fassbender

Pro: Another established name who is already part of the Marvel family as he portrays Magneto in the rebooted X-Men franchise. Additionally Fassbender certainly has the lean yet muscular build necessary to portray Daredevil.

Con: His pro is also his con. Already anchoring a success X-Men franchise, it wouldn't make sense for him to add another superhero to his resume.

Casey Affleck

Pro: Keep it in the family with Ben's little bro! Certainly Ben could give Casey some pointers on how to play the character. Affleck has been one of those supporting actors that is overdue for a big breakout starring role. He's co-starred in major movies including the Ocean's trilogy, American Pie 2, Gone Baby Gone and most recently Tower Heist. Maybe it's time for the spotlight to shine solely on Casey.

Con: If the first Affleck didn't nail the character, what makes us think that a second one can? Also, outside of the film community, Casey isn't a household name, at least, not to the level of his brother and if Marvel is going to reboot this character, they're going to want a bankable star headlining.

Aaron Paul

Pro: A solid actor who has found widespread success from his roles on Breaking Bad and Big Love. His film roles have left much to be desired though that's not a reflection on his acting skills. Paul could bring the acting gravitas needed to pull in audiences. He's another one of those actors who is close to busting out on the big screen.

Con: As mentioned above, his filmography includes titles such as Mission: Impossible 3, The Last House on the Left, Smashed and Van Wilder. While those films certainly have their niche audiences, they aren't exactly breakout successes and even with Breaking Bad, star Bryan Cranston is usually the first actor people associate with the show.

Liam Hemsworth

Pro: If his brother Chris can play Thor, why not loop Liam into the Marvel family as Murdock? He has franchise experience and brings in a completely different (and fanatical) movie audience with The Hunger Games fandom. Liam should definitely be on Marvel's radar.

Con: Aside from name recognition, there's not much of a con against Liam. Well, OK, there's all the tabloid/paparazzi attention as it pertains to his fiancée Miley Cyrus, but it certainly hasn't hurt him.

Anton Yelchin

Pro: Accalimed acting performances, check. Tentpole blockbuster movie experience, check. Movie reboot experience, check. Yelchin is one of those actors you recognize as "Oh, hey that guy." You'll see him in next in Star Trek Into Darkness in a couple of weeks and a whole slew of projects throughout the next couple of years.

Con: You're still probably going "Anton who?" That's Yelchin biggest problem -- name recognition. As talented an actor as he may be, it doesn't mean squat if he can't headline a Marvel movie.

Zac Efron

Pro: Solid name recognition and, like Gosling, brings in the female audience. OK, maybe not at the level of Mr. Gosling, but still.

Con: How are fanboys going to react if they hear that Efron has been cast as Matt Murdock? Exactly. With an epic fit of fanboy rage that would most likely kill this project on the spot.

Shiloh Fernandez

Pro: Here's another actor who is waiting to bust out. Fernandez has starred in films like Cadillac Records and the recent Evil Dead reboot and headlines the indie thriller Syrup this summer. Roger Ebert once said that one of the main criteria for someone to play Batman should be how good their chin looks, because that's all you see once the cowl is on. The same applies for Daredevil and Fernandez has the perfect chin for the role.

Con: Of all the actors on this list, Fernandez is the least exposed and least known. If Marvel reboots Daredevil, they'll be looking for someone who can hit all four quadrants – families, fanboys, teens and adults.


Jeffrey Donovan

Pro: Donovan was an early fan favorite back when the FOX reboot rumors were going around. We know he can rock a suit and work his way through action sequences from his six years on TV show Burn Notice. He's also just enough of an "unknown known" that Marvel may be interested.

Con: If he's too much of an unknown, that may hurt his chances. Donovan is also one of the older candidates on this list with his 45th birthday coming up in a few weeks.

Michael C. Hall

Pro: Another early fan favorite, Hall is of course synonymous with the award-winning show Dexter. He's a balanced actor that would instantly lend credibility to this reboot.

Con: If fans watch the movie are they going to see Hall playing Matt Murdock up on the big screen or Dexter Morgan? Will fans be able to separate the two characters from the actor's resume?


Which of these actors would you pick for the Daredevil role? Is there someone else that we didn't include in this list? Sound off below!


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