Daily Recap: Russell Crowe to Play Dracula for Eli Roth, 'Stretch Armstrong' Close to Landing Director

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Once Russell Crowe is done playing Noah for Darren Aronofsky, he may be portraying Dracula for Eli Roth. Roth is in talks to direct WB's Dracula re-imagining Harker. Crow and Roth worked together on RZA's upcoming action flick The Man with the Iron Fists. We know one thing's for sure, Eli Roth's Dracula will be like any other to hit the big screen. [Deadline]

Stretch Armstrong may be close to landing a director. Breck Eisner, yes, the son of former Disney CEO Michael Eisner, is in talks to helm the Relativity film adaptation of the Hasbro toy. Eisner has previously directed the horror film The Crazies as well as the 2005 Matthew McConaughey/Steve Zahn adventure flick Sahara. Eisner previously landed on the shortlist of people to direct Die Hard 5 before John Moore won the job. Armstong is set to bow in theaters April 11, 2014, though that date may prove to be, um, flexible. [THR]

According to Michael Caine, the actor will be in Christopher Nolan's next film. And while that might seem a bit presumptive, playing Alfred in Nolan's lucrative, game-changing Batman trilogy should have some sort of employment –related perks. In an interview with Empire, Caine joked that, "I've been in everything he's done since he's been in Hollywood. We're each others' good luck charms. I always say to him, 'I'm not your good luck charm, you're mine!'"

Peter Jackson on what makes him the most nervous about making The Hobbit.

Like the ghosts they set out to exterminate, Ghostbusters 3 is one of those movies that refuses to die. The long-delayed threequel has a new writer in Men in Black 3's Etan Cohen. Bill Murray has previously held out from participating in the third movie because the script wasn't up to par and by par we mean Bill Murray standards. Here's hoping Cohen can pull this script together and make this thing happen. [Variety]

Scarlett Johansson will set a new record for the highest paid actress in Hollywood. Johansson will earn a paycheck of $20 million to appear in Avengers 2, eclipsing Angelina Jolie's previous record of $19 million.

Jamie Chung just received her SXSW award for Eden and tweeted a pic.

Dragon Ball fans, get ready! A new feature-length anime film is in development. The project involves Chibi Trunks and Chibi Goten and will bring series creator Akira Toriyama to assist with the storyline. [Otaku USA]


Trailers, Clips & Videos

Ice Age: Continental Drift hits theaters this Friday, but is being over-shadowed by the massive entertainment convention called Comic-Con which kicks off tomorrow evening. So how do you get more people interested in your film? Pull a Muppets and spoof the sure-hit The Dark Knight Rises. Here's the new spoof featuring Scratman.

Carly Rae Jepsen's mega-hit Call Me Maybe gets yet another parody, this time via Sesame Street and Cookie Monster.

Stan Lee shares his thought on the Comic-Con crowd in the latest edition of Stan's Rants. Mental note: don't take his picture and don't confuse him with Brad Pitt. Got it.

The Bourne Legacy won't be attending Comic-Con, so before the internet is flooded with new footage and trailers from Hall H movies, here's a condensed new trailer via AMC Theaters.

The doctor rattles off Bruce Wayne's list of physical ailments in this new TV spot for The Dark Knight Rises.

Jean-Claude Van Damme makes snow angels while singing Take My Breath Away.

Here's the latest trailer for Sundance hit Hello I Must Be Going. The film arrives in theaters September 7.

Will Shatner ponders Trekkies in the first trailer for William Shatner's Get a Life! Directed by Shatner, the film arrives on EPIX Channel July 28 following a special screening at Comic-Con on July 14.


New Posters

Check out the new promotional poster or The Babymakers which features a tag line that will probably keep it from appearing on theater walls.

Beware of vomited butterflies in the new poster for The Possession.

Milla Jovovich takes on a worldwide evil in the new Resident Evil: Retribution poster.

Finally, slow down Spidey!

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