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Daily Recap: John Moore Talks 'A Good Day to Die Hard,' 'Battle Royale' Could Be Reborn as CW TV Series

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There are a lot of questions surrounding the fifth Die Hard (known as A Good Day to Die Hard) currently filming in Moscow. Has the franchise run its course? Is John McClane still running around firing off snarky one-liners? Will the movie return to its R-rated roots? Director John Moore opened up to Empire about the film saying, "People are well savvy to the cynical reheating of any product, any franchise. Any s**t won't do. The bar's a bit higher." He adds that there are "a couple of great gags and a couple of great McClanisms" and that the scale of the film is large, saying there's a car chase through Moscow that took 78 days to shoot. [Empire]

Lady Gaga has been cast in Robert Rodriguez's Machete Kills, playing a character named La Chameleon. Guessing from the new character poster, we're guessing she's cameos as a burlesque dancer of some sort that spits in PETA's 'Fur is Murder' campaign. The film co-stars Michelle Rodriguez, Jessica Alba, Charlie Sheen, Mel Gibson, Amber Heard, Sofia Vergara, Zoe Saldana and Danny Trejo as the titular Machete.

Battle Royale could be reborn as a CW television series. The success of The Hunger Games has spawned interest in the Japanese hit from 2000 which carried the similar themes of kids hunting each other down for survival. In the last few weeks CW has held discussions with reps of the project about the possibility of turning the property into an English language show. Talks are preliminary right now, but if a deal is reached, the network would acquire the rights to Koushun Takami's novel and then expand it for an hour-long dramatic series. [L.A. Times]

In your now daily update on Lee Daniel's The Butler, Quincey Jones has been lined up to score the film while Mariah Carey and Yaya DaCosta have joined the cast in unspecified roles. [Variety]

Comic book fans who were looking forward to snapping up a copy of Batman Inc. #3 will have to wait until August 22. DC Comics delayed the release of the latest volume in Grant Morrison's series following the events in Aurora, Colorado last Friday. Illustrator Chris Burnham tweeted "Batman Inc. #3 is going to be delayed a month owing to some grim imagery that would seem wholly inappropriate given the Aurora killings," he said. "The book printed on time. I'm looking at a copy on my desk right now. This isn't a scheduling excuse, we're trying to do the right thing."


Videos, Clips and Trailers

Gerard Butler and Jonny Weston star in the surfing drama Chasing Mavericks in a biopic about late surfer Jay Moriarty. The Santa Cruz native (played by Weston) rose to fame in the surfing world thanks to guidance from a local mentor, Rick 'Frosty' Hesson (Butler). He died the day before his 23rd birthday in a free-diving accident in the Maldives. The film arrives in theaters October 26.

Stephen Elliott dives into the porn world with a film about a young girl named Cherry whose life falls apart in About Cherry. The film co-stars James Franco, Dev Patel, Heather Graham and Lili Taylor and gets a limited theatrical run beginning September 21.

Jeremy Renner shares a story with Jimmy Kimmel about an incident in which he was given Viagra instead of sleeping pills on a recent flight.


Pics and Posters

Total Recall hits theaters next weekend, but fans are already getting ready for Len Wiseman's reboot. Check out this Quiad cosplay from Comic-Con a couple weeks ago.

Take two of the most popular things on the internet, Batman and kittens and this was inevitable. Presenting Bane Kitty.

Here's a cool Batman logo made from strategically Photoshopped bats.(Click for a larger version)

Finally, Batman "boops" Bane. (It's a slow news day)

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