Daily Recap: 'Great Gatsby' Bumped to Summer 2013, Joe Carnahan May Direct 'Daredevil' But There's a Catch...

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Warner Bros. has pushed yet another movie in their slate. This time, it's The Great Gatsby that gets the bump from Christmas Day over to an unspecified date in summer 2013. The delay will give director Baz Luhrmann more time to finish extensive 3D effects and a planned all-star soundtrack, though WB's official reason was that the film was bumped to "reach the largest audience possible." [L.A. Times]

Speaking of films shifting dates, Roland Emmerich's White House Down has been bumped up to June 28, 2013. The film was originally slated to hit theaters on November 1, 2013, but judging from the action-thriller storyline (and Channing Tatum in the lead) the film looks to do bigger business smack dab in the middle of the summer movie season.

Joe Carnahan may direct Daredevil but that's where things become a bit complicated. See, Daredevil has to be in production by October 10 if Fox wants to keep the rights to the character. Obviously, that's not going to happen, so now it's up to Marvel if they want to give the studio more time. In exchange though, Fox would have to turn over rights to some of the characters in the Fantastic Four universe, namely Galactus and Silver Surfer. No word on how the character swap would affect the Fantastic Four reboot Fox is planning with Chronicle director Josh Trank at the helm. [Variety]

The Weinstein Company has picked up the rights to a true-life romance called Ends of the Earth. Not only that, Jennifer Lawrence is now attached to the film in the lead role of Lydie, an educated, headstrong girl who was adopted by her aunt Virginia and uncle Ernes. She later becomes Ernest's wife and urges him to raise workers' wages and give them unprecedented access to medical care and earns the nickname "Princess of the Prairies," as a result. No word on who will direct or play Ernest. [Variety]

Sacha Baron Cohen's next project may be a James Bond spoof. The film would  follow a James Bond-like spy forced to go on the run with his long-lost borther, a moronic soccer hooligan. No word on the exact amount Paramount ponied up for the project, but sources ballpark it at high six  to low seven figures. [Variety]

Paramount has green lit Alexander Payne's next film, Nebraska. The film finds Bruce Dern playing an alcoholic dad who receives a sweepstakes letter in the mail. Thinking he's struck it rich, he wrangles up his underachieving son, played by Will Forte, and heads off on a road trip to claim his fortune.  Payne won a best adapted screenplay Oscar for last year's The Descendants. [Deadline]

Sons of Anarchy actor Patrick St. Esprit has joined the cast of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire and will play District 12 Peacekeeper Romulus Thread.

The Adjustment Bureau director George Nolfi has signed on to rewriter and direct and adaptation of Michael Dobbs' book, One Minute to Midnight: Kennedy, Khrushchev and Castro on the Brink of Nuclear War. The film title will be shortened to One Minute to Midnight. [THR]

Woody Allen's next film, brings the prolific filmmaker back to America and plot details have emerged for his next film, Whatever Works. The movie is about a wealthy woman who finds herself broke and in San Francisco, living with her sister and downsizing her life. She eventually meets a man in the Bay Area who could solve her financial problems, but first she needs to discover who she is and, more importantly, accept San Francisco as her home. The film is being categorized as a romantic comedy. Sound good? [NBC Bay City News]


Videos, Clips and Trailers

The first trailer for How I Met Your Mother star Josh Radnor's sophomore film, Liberal Arts has arrived. The film co-stars upstart actress Elizabeth Olsen and tells the story of a 35-year-old bookworm who develops a relationship with a college sophomore. Richard Jenkins, Allison Janney and Elizabeth Reaser co-star. The film gets  a limited release on September 14.

Premium Rush is getting set to hit theaters later this month. Check out this new featurette starring Jospeh Gordon-Levitt as the film speeds its way to its August 24 release date.

Resident Evil: Retribution releases a new featurette detailing the back story behind the film's heroine, Alice. The fifth installment in the Resident Evil franchise opens September 14.


Pics and Posters

Two new pics from Skyfall have landed online, including a good look at villain Javier Bardem and Bond Girl Berenice Marlohe. The film opens in theaters November 9.

The new special edition Blu-Ray packaging for I, Robot looks pretty awesome. The super-limited edition head goes on sale in October for $99.99. There will be only 250 of the special packages made. Fox Home Video took pre-orders during Comic-Con, so it's a safe bet this thing is sold out... but there's always eBay.

Here's the new poster for The Master. Check out reactions from a surprise screening last Friday.

Movie genre recipes.

Tweeted by Anna Kendrick, a ParaNorman cupcake with cut-outs of her character, Courtney.

If you ever wondered what Alex Cross, Tyler Perry or Matthew Fox looks like in Russian, now you know.

He's got a point.

The new UK quad poster for Something form Nothing: The Art of Rap.

Finally, Frodo, a self-portrait portrait.

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