Daily Recap: Emma Stone Talks Gwen Stacey's Fate in 'Spider-Man 2,' Spielberg Eyes Bin Laden Movie

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Emma Stone and Cameron Crowe discussed the fate of Gwen Stacy in a recent magazine interview. No, they're not plotting some coming-of-age dramedy around Peter Parker's flame. Rather, the discussion is from an Interview magazine, um, interview, where Stone, who played Stacey in The Amazing Spider-Man, chats with Crowe, with whom she'll work with on a yet-untitled film. "Fans ask about whether or not the films are going to stay true to her story. Which I'm hoping they are… Essentially the argument is that Spider-Man kills her by accident. So the person she loves is the person who kills her, which is the most horrifying thing. Apparently people unsubscribed to the comic book when that happened because they were just so flipped out over it. But, of course, I want to stay true to that." The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is slated for May 4, 2014. [Interview Magazine]

Leonardo DiCaprio, Tobey Maguire and Tom Hardy are producing a movie about animal trafficking. The currently untitled film is said to have been Hardy's idea. The actor was "inspired by friends who are former special forces operatives who went on to become anti-poacher fighters in South Africa and other nations." [THR]

Morgan Freeman and Elizabeth Banks will voice the lead characters in WB's 3D animated LEGO movie. The film, which is set to release February 28, 2014, also has Chris Pratt and Will Arnett already signed on, with Arnett voicing a LEGO Batman. The film is being directed by the 21 Jump Street duo of Phil Lord and Christopher Miller. [Deadline]

Steven Spielberg is  looking to adapt No Easy Day into a feature film. The book chronicles the first-hand account from one member of the Navy SEAL Team Six squad who took part in killing Osama bin Laden. If the project gets the green light, it would be the third Osama bin Laden themed film to make its way to the screen. Kathryn Bigelow's Zero Dark Thirty and The Weinstein Company's Code Name Geronimo starring Cam Gigandet are the other two films. [New York Post]

Vera Farmiga will portray Norma Bates in a TV prequel to Alfred Hitchcock's classic, Psycho. The prequel, titled Bates Motel, has been called a cross between Twin Peaks and Smallville and will premiere on A&E next year. [Deadline]

The Jack Ryan reboot being helmed by Kenneth Branagh  and starring Chris Pine in the title role will hit theaters Christmas 2013. [Deadline]

Total Film ran a feature on the 50 Most Disappointing Movies of All-Time and Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull was voted number one. Other films that made the list include Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace, Spider-Man 3 and Godfather Part III along with FIVE Johnny Depp films. [Total Film]

Amazon has the 25th Anniversary Edition of Spaceballs BluRay on sale for $7.99 (that's 60% off the regular $19.99 price). The site also lists the Unrated Director's Cut of Tropic Thunder BluRay, Kick-Ass three-disc BluRay set, the Immaculate Edition of Monty Python's Life of Brian and Final Fantasy VII for $7.88 each while the Young Frankenstein BluRay is marked down to $9.99.

Katy Perry may have turned down $20 million to be a judge on American Idol. [TMZ]


Videos, Clips and Trailers

Director Michael Winterbottom is set to hit the Toronto Film Festival next week with his latest film, Everyday. Part fiction, part documentary, the film tells the story of how the imprisonment of a father changes the lives of his wife and their four children.

It's been quite a waiting game for Joe Dante's The Hole. The film was completed back in 2009 and even premiered at the Venice Film Festival that year, but distribution has been a tricky beast. Big Air Studios has announced the film will be released on September 28 in 3D. Check out the new trailer below.

What might Looper have looked like if it were incarnated for the old school Nintendo game consoles? Looper the Movie the 8-Bit Game answers that question and it's pretty cool.

Go behind the scenes of Resident Evil: Retribution in this new featurette. The fifth film in the franchise arrives in theaters September 14.

Check out this new clip from The Perks of Being a Wallflower courtesy of MTV. The film opens September 21.

Guns and Roses Sweet Child of Mine, Polka Style. To quote Huell Howser, "What in the world is goin' on?!"


Pics and Posters

Here are five new images from The Silver Linings Playbook starring Jennifer Lawrence, Bradley Cooper, Robert DeNiro, Jackie Weaver and yes, that's Chris Tucker. The film opens November 21.

The French edition of Premiere magazine has a new photo from Django Unchained featuring Christoph Waltz and Jamie Foxx sneaking up on the catering truck… or their next mark. The film opens December 25.

Also from the French Premiere is this look at Russell Crowe as villainous Inspector Javert from Les Miserables. The film opens December 14.

Liam Neeson multi-tasks in this new pic from Taken 2. Watch Neeson rain hell on who mess with him and his family on October 5.

Natalie Portman is campaigning for president Obama.

Kellan Lutz posed with an alligator during a GQ photoshoot in the Everglades. Lacoste also posted this behind the scene video.

Finally, a Redditor uploaded some photos titled "My Friend met Tom Hanks, Stole his glasses and pretended to be wasted." Tom played along.

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