D23: No 'Star Wars;' Marvel Touts 'Thor,' Phase Two; the Muppets Sing a Song

The second day of D23 began with a bit of a bummer. First, chairman Alan Horn appeared onstage to reiterate what CEO Bob Iger said yesterday: that there was nothing to show for Star Wars.
The same could have pretty much been said for Marvel as well, which brought out stars Tom Hiddleston, Natalie Portman, Anthony Hopkins (from Thor: The Dark World) and Chris Evans, Sebastian Stan and Anthony Mackie (from Captain America: The Winter Solider).
The footage shown for Marvel's films were all the same stuff from Comic-Con, with the addition of the new Thor trailer getting a few extended sequences and a new clip from that movie.
That clip finds Portman's Jane spending her first day on Asgard in a body-scanning device. She apparently has "too much energy coursing through her," and will most likely die. Odin instructs the guards to transport her back to Midgard and send her back to Earth, but the energy pulses out when the guards grab her and Thor surmises that the energy is "protecting itself."
Once Marvel was done, there was a quick mention for DisneyNature's Bears including the first trailer and the announcement that a percentage of the first week ticket sales will be donated to the National Park Foundation.
We got a quick taste of Muppets Most Wanted, including a song-and-dance number featuring Constantine, a master criminal who looks just like Kermit, and star Ricky Gervais, who also plays a villain. The song is titled "I'm Number One, You're Number Two" and finds Gervais playing the second fiddle to the evil Muppet. 
Ty Burrell, who plays a French Interpol agent in the film, also appeared onstage, emerging from the tiny car seen in the trailer. Miss Piggy was joined by Tina Fey and Kermit via satellite from London. Fey and Kermit were wearing P23 shirts because, as Miss Piggy put it, all the fans had come together in the arena to see her. She stormed off in anger when Fey and Kermit corrected her.
From there, the presentation shifted into fairy tale mode with Maleficient, Cinderella and Into the Woods.


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