Courtney Love Claims Her Daughter Passed on Bella Role in ‘Twilight’

Could you Twilight fans imagine anyone else playing Bella in the Twilight movies whose name doesn’t start with Kristen and end with Stewart? I know, it’s painful to even think about – and without K-Stew there’s a chance the films may have bombed (not really, but we’ll still go there) – so you might want to close your eyes just a little bit when I tell you about all the nonsense coming out of Courtney Love’s mouth as of late.

Courtney Love and daughter Frances Bean

The singer-actress-addict recently told the UK’s Daily Mail that her (and Kurt Cobain’s) daughter, Frances Bean, passed up roles as Bella in Twilight and Alice in Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland because she didn’t want to be in the spotlight and, instead, wanted to go to college and focus on writing graphic novels.
Now, to put that in more realistic terms, we imagine Ms. Bean may have passed on the opportunity to audition for the roles – or passed on the thought of even attempting to audition (because, really, what has this girl ever done on the big screen?) – but there’s no way these roles were offered to her and that she turned them down.
You see that picture of her – does she look like a Bella or an Alice? But still, maybe she’s got something special in her. Would you be interested in seeing what Frances Bean can do in front of the camera considering the talent in her family, or do you think Courtney Love is too crazy to make anyone interested in what she says or does?
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