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Count Down to ‘The Lego Movie’ with These Awesome Lego Videos

My kids are super excited about The Lego Movie, out in theaters February 7, since they've both loved building with the classic blocks since they were old enough to make a tower.  Here's my five-year-old son's reaction to seeing the trailer for it:

If your kids just can't wait until Friday (or you're looking to kill some time on the Internet), YouTube is full of clever Lego videos meticulously put together by regular people with an extraordinary love of the little plastic bricks. Here are four of the funniest. Hey, if you’re going to end up getting sucked into a mini-Lego-movie marathon, at least it’ll be entertaining.

Lego School

Michael Hickox is one of the most prolific Lego video makers on the Internet, so odds are if you've seen any Lego videos already, you've seen one of his. This one is about the first day back to school, complete with Lego parents shoving their Lego kids out the door to the school bus, a less-than-appetizing lunch of Lego lima beans in the cafeteria, students staring out the window during class, and a jubilant dash for the Lego bus home at the end of the day. 

At Home with the Skywalkers

Fans of Star Wars will love this Lego spoof on the dysfunctional home life of the Skywalker family by AllNickelsFilms. Luke is a surly teenager rebelling against his dad, Darth Vader, so there are a couple of moments that aren't entirely appropriate for little ones, but older kids and adults will definitely get a chuckle. Make sure to check out the other two episodes in the series as well.



This video features a demanding Lego dog and his exasperated owner who is just looking for a little piece and quiet (sound familiar, parents?). This one is entirely kid friendly and also a favorite of my toddler, who loves the "ruff-ruff."

Lego Winter Special

In honor of the crazy weather much of the country has been experiencing this season (cabin fever is definitely setting in at our house), here's one more from Michael Hickox about the joys of playing in the snow. My five-year-old particularly liked the yellow snow bit and the end with the magic snowman. Because who doesn’t like a magic snowman?

Do you have a favorite Lego video to recommend?


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