Could 'Carrie' Be This Year's Scariest Film?

Good-bye, Hit-Girl. Hello, Carrie!
Chloe Grace Moretz trades her superhero costume for the dowdy duds of a downtrodden teenager in the latest adaptation of Stephen King’s debut novel, Carrie. The second trailer for the upcoming psychological horror recently dropped. Check it out below:

I'm not sure what disturbs me more: Julianne Moore’s serene singing, or the sounds of her imprisoned daughter, screaming in the background and not being heard. And that’s the beauty of Carrie. It unnerves by getting under your skin and eating away at you from the inside. Houses aren’t haunted, and zombies aren’t trying to eat brains. Carrie has powers, but the movie’s about how a teenager can be provoked – both at school, and at home – to eventually lash out. And when she lashes out, insanity follows. 
Brian De Palma directed the original movie. Do you remember this trailer? 

Now Moretz slips into Sissy Spacek’s signature shoes, and goes toe-to-toe with Moore as an overly religious mother trying to keep her daughter under wraps. I love the posters that came out weeks ago. This one could be a massive hit, given its pre-Halloween release date. Look for Carrie in theaters come October 18.



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