Could Al Pacino Play Frank Sinatra for Martin Scorsese?

Or what about Robert De Niro as Dean Martin? Sounds rather fantastical and ludicrous, but that's who Martin Scorsese wants for the roles when he eventually gets around to directing that Frank Sinatra biopic. Granted, it's his dream cast – and the director may have just been joking around – but in an interview while promoting Shutter Island abroad, he did tell the Indian press the following: "My choice is Al Pacino [for Sinatra], and Robert De Niro as Dean Martin."

Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra

Obviously these two guys are too old to play these characters for the entire film. One assumes there are parts near the end of the movie where the script calls for an aging Sinatra and Martin to appear on screen. We don't know how long or short these parts are, but we definitely know they're not major. In the past weeks, Leonardo DiCaprio and George Clooney have been mentioned with regards to Sinatra, with all signs pointing to DiCaprio making the most sense, especially since he and Scorsese have a long history together.
As far as Pacino for Sinatra goes, I don't like it. I think he'd make a better Dean Martin, and I don't think De Niro would be good for either one. What do you think? Could you buy it?
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