Corey Haim Dies of Apparent Drug Overdose

After struggling with drug addiction for years, child actor (and '80s icon) Corey Haim finally succumbed to a disease he was just never destined to beat. The LAPD have confirmed that Haim passed away due to an apparent accidental drug overdose (read: it wasn't a suicide) at approximately 2:15am Wednesday morning after being found unresponsive at his apartment complex where he was home with his mother. All that was found with him were four prescription bottles, none of which were related to the flu-like symptoms he had prior to his death.

Corey Haim

As a child of the '80s myself, I hold a lot of the films Haim starred in close to my heart. He was like the Robert Pattinson of my generation, joining forces (on more than one occasion) with his best pal Corey Feldman on a number of quintessential teen favorites like The Lost Boys, License to Drive and Dream a Little Dream. Before that, Haim stole our hearts as one of cinema's most lovable (and underrated) geeks in the 1986 tearjerker Lucas.
Haim's problems really began to impact his career once we got into the '90s, and though he still managed to string together appearances in a number of straight-to-video movies, his off-set drug-related antics ruined a lot of his relationships (especially the one he had with Feldman), as well as more than a few choice movie roles.
Still, even with all that trouble following him around, Haim's popularity with the people and with his longtime fans continued to keep the man working, and at the time of his death he had upwards of 8 different films in various stages of production. We'll never know what kind of actor Haim would've turned into had he remained clean and sober, but at least we'll always be able to cherish the work of his that never failed to plant a giant smile on the faces of millions of fans.
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