Contest: Win $500!

***Update: This blog contest has now ended. Thanks to everyone who entered! We will be randomly selecting and notifying the winner very soon! Remember to check back often to our Freshly Popped Movie blog for more contests and sweeps upcoming.***


It's capitalism at its finest! Michael Moore and our pals at Overture Films are giving away $500 to one lucky winner, in honor of Moore's new film Capitalism: A Love Story. And who couldn't use five bennies, in a time of mortgage meltdowns, skyrocketing unemployment and faltering 401ks?

Enough reminding me, you say. How do I win?

It's easy-breezy. Just answer the three questions below about the movie that are answered in the movie's trailer. Email your answers to and voila, you're entered (for those who previously entered by adding a blog post comment, no worries, we have your entries; anyone entering now, email your answers to ... thanks!) The winner will be chosen at random and the contest ends at 6 p.m. Oct. 2, 2009. One entry per person (and yes, we do know who you are!). Open to U.S. residents only. The lucky winner will receive a $500 Visa gift card for use on anything you like: a new dishwasher, clothes for the kids, Fandango movie tickets, maybe a sweater for the mother-in-law? (Nah.) Good luck!

1. In the trailer, who does Michael Moore want to arrest?
a. Bernie Madoff
b. George W Bush
c. The board of Directors of AIG
2. Who answers Michael Moore’s question “Where is our money?” with “I don’t know.”?
a. Elizabeth Warren, Congressional Oversight Officer
b. Ben Bernanke, Federal Reserve Chairman
c. Charlton Heston
3. At the end of the trailer, Michael Moore goes to get the “money back for the American people.” How much does he estimate “won’t fit in here”?
a. 10 billion dollars
b. 500 million dollars
c. 500 dollars


For the official rules, click here

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