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Con Bite: Marvel Announces New 'Punisher' Movie

One of the bigger surprises to come out of the Marvel panel (with the exception of The Avengers cast announcement, which we kinda already knew about) was word that the Punisher movie rights are now back at Marvel. Though Marvel chief Kevin Feige didn’t come right out and say, yes, we’re making a new Punisher movie and it will be out [insert date here], he did allude to that when telling the audience that the rights are now back in their hands.

'The Punisher'

Right now The Avengers is the priority, as well as the unveiling of Thor and Captain America (which, based on the footage we saw, are both staying at the "so far, so good" hotel). Once those are all under control, I could see a Punisher movie, an Ant-Man movie and more sequels (Iron Man, Thor, Captain America) filling up our 2013, 2014, 2015 summer schedules. So, basically, we have some time to think about this.
As a fan of the Punisher, it’s nice to see the rights back at Marvel where they care so much about their properties and know how to fuel a blockbuster. I'm not such a fan of the Punisher films to date, though, and curious to see what Marvel has to do to turn the gritty anti-hero into a huge hit.
Excited for more Punisher films, or not such a big fan of the character?
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