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Con Bite: Get Ready for 'Die Hard 5'

While I imagine almost everyone got their fill of John McClane after his fourth time on the big screen in Live Free and Die Hard, apparently the film made enough money (and generated enough buzz) to warrant a fifth Die Hard installment. Speaking to MTV at Comic-Con while there promoting the upcoming comic adaptation Red, Bruce Willis played things a bit close to the chest, but admitted that a Die Hard 5 "is imminent" and that "the coin is about to drop."

'Die Hard'

That’s all he’d say, so we really don’t know anything else – like whether Len Wiseman would return as director, who John McClane would be fighting this time around and whether or not this film would possibly serve as a reboot of the entire franchise – perhaps by giving McClane a young recruit to mentor.
After tackling cyber terrorists in the last installment, who could McClane go up against next? Is it time to take him out of the country, or would that subsequently take some of the spirit away from the franchise? Where do you think John McClane should go next, and who should he fight while there?
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