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Comic-Con Preview Night: First Glimpse at the Con Craziness

Anyone will tell you that the worst thing about Comic-Con is waiting in the slow-moving, half-mile-spanning lines to get into panels and events.  But the preview night line is a different story. As press, artists and fans wait to see what delights await them on the convention floor, you can feel the palpable excitement in the air.

 Plus, standing in line for that long outside the convention center offers a spectacular preview of the costumes. I always look forward to this moment, because it's the calm before the storm.
And what a storm it was. The floor felt like a Saturday afternoon, not a Wednesday preview night. Masses of people were vying for freebies and giveaways galore including an Alien Anthology face sucker and a moment in the hypersleep chamber.
Tron touched down with a huge booth, Iron Man's suit was on display, but I wasn't able to locate the guns from District 9. I will have to look for them tomorrow. A larger than life rendition of evil (and slightly effeminate) Lord Voldemort cast a spell over part of the convention floor.
 There were tons photo opps where fans could pose in a life-sized Star Wars collectible package or with a Transformer. For fans who wanted something more interactive they could take on Resident Evil: Afterlife star Milla Jovovich in a video gun battle.
Green Hornet and Green Lantern booths were a hot commodity. So hot, in fact, that at 5 feet tall I had no luck getting anywhere near them.  But I did get to see some Volturi cloaks at the Summit booth, which made this Twilight fan very happy. However, the creepy doll versions of Edward and Bella for sale left a little to be desired.
We're just getting started; there's plenty more to come from the Con. I'm going to need some more coffee.


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