Comic-Con Hall H: Spider-Man Admires Jamie Foxx, Would Like to Team with 'The Avengers'

Comic-Con Hall H: Spider-Man Admires Jamie Foxx, Would Like to Team with 'The Avengers'

Boy does Andrew Garfield know how to make an entrance. Last year, he surprised Hall H by posing as a Spider-Man fan who was asking a question from the audience. This year, things got kicked up a notch.

At the beginning of the panel, Webb and DeHaan walk out onto the stage. Spider-Man is also introduced, but he isn't there. Video starts to play on the screens from outside Hall H. Spider-Man is seen scaleing down the side of th Hard Rock Hotel and swinging over to the frontof Hall H. A security guard turns him away so he scales the building and enters through a back entrance.  The screen goes black. The lights are still off. It's pitch black. Then, they turn back on and Spider-Man runs onstage and apologizes saying there was a Chewbacca fight he had to resolve. He sits, with mask still on, in front of a name plate that reads "Spider-Man."

Emma Stone is not in attendance, but does appear via video. The video is interrupted by Electro. It's dark and creepy and we see his face lit up and glowing for a second. The clip ends and Jamie Foxx walks out onstage. He sits next to Spider-Man.

Spider-Man tells Foxx that he loved him in Django. Foxx replies with the catchphrase, "I love the way you die, boy." Spider-Man is completely captivated by Foxx. He brings up Any Given Sunday and together they start reciting quotes from the movie.

Who Was There: Jamie Foxx, Dane DeHaan, director Marc Webb, Andrew Garfield in full Spider-Man costume

New Stuff:

We see a clip, early footage with visual effects missing, filming just wrapped three days ago. It's a montage clip spliced with storyboards and green screen that ends with the lights in Times Square going out and everything exploding. Spider-Man catches a cop car before it lands on someone. When the clip ends, we see Andrew Garfield onstage now, sans costume.

Webb confirms that the main villain of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is Electro, not the Rhino (Paul Giamatti).

What They Said:

"It's extremely fun to play the villain. You don't have to color inside the lines." - Foxx on playing the villain, Electro.

"We wanted Electro to be betrayed by three things - love, family and his work." - Foxx on Electro.

"At the risk of sounding earnest, I have this overdeveloped sense of responsibility. Plus I hate assholes." - Spider-Man's response to moderator Ralph Garman's question about why he helps people for free.

"Who is this 'Andrew' guy? I thought Eduardo Saverin played him in a movie." - Spider-Man referring to Andrew Garfield and his character in The Social Network.

"I would like to see Spider-Man with The Avengers... but I'm not allowed to say that." - Garfield. The comment illicits huge applause throughout the room.

Hall H Verdict:

Much like the first film, the fans loved it. Andrew Garfield is a Comic-Con Hall H natural and can run the room like few people. Suffice it to say, the film is well on its way to being another smash blockbuster hit.

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