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Comic-Con Hall H: Sony Gets Pun-ny with 'Cloudy 2,' Shows Off First 'RoboCop' Footage

Ah, at last we've arrived at the marathon Sony panel. Movies highlighted today include The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2, The Mortal Instruments and our first look at the RoboCop reboot. The entire panel runs just over two hours long. Let's get started.

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 - in theaters Sept. 7


Who Was There: Bill Hader, Terry Crews, Anna Faris, Andy Samburg, directors Cody Cameron and Kris Pearn

New Stuff:

- The sequel begins a minute after the first movie ended. The characters from the first film are celebrating their victory when the new characters show up.

We then see an island shaped like a giant lightbulb. An ape named Barb, voiced by Kristen Schaal shows up and introduces herself to Flynn. She hands Flynn a soy latte and asks him if he is ready to live. Together they head over to LiveCorp and we see various characters working there.

- Next clip finds Flynn getting the group back together again. He tells Sam he's going to the island. She insists on going with him. They then go and get Earl and Baby Brent and together, they head off to face the island of deadly "foodimals" (food-animals).

- Third clip shows the "foodimals" as they arrive at LiveCorp and want to get inside. We then see various foodimals including bananas that run like stampeding ostriches. There's a pun-ny "piece of cake" line that cuts to an actual piece for cake. We see the Terry Crews "get back in there tear" joke from the trailer along with the leek joke. The clip ends with the strawberry getting so scared, jelly squirts out.

What They Said:

"There's more screaming." - Bill Hader on the difference between doing voice work for animation and regular acting

"When I found out Mr. T wasn't coming back, I was honored to take his place. I'm so glad to be a part for this." - Crews on taking over for Mr. T as Ear



There's a lot of cautious optimism and curiosity buzzing as the reboot gets set to unveil footage. Many fanboys have been outraged at the concept of rebooting the '80s classic. This panel will set a decent gauge as the film preps for its February 7 release.

Who Was There: Joel Kinnaman, Abbie Cornish, Samuel L. Jackson, director Jose Padhila

New Stuff:

- There's no introduction to the panel. It just begins. We see Samuel L. Jackson as Novak talking about something called "the Novak Effect." He talks about American robots being used to help promote peace around the world. We then cut to a field reporter and see silver robots with red eyes that look like Terminators patrolling the streets. Novak asks why America is so "robophobic." The field reporter is talking about "perfect harmony" as a huge explosion occurs in the background.

There's a hearing going on and we see Michael Keaton saying that robots would not feel anything if they took a life. We see chaos as the robots attempt to gain control of the situation and the reporter tries to scramble to safety. Then, the feed cuts and the clip ends.

- A teaser trailer is shown. It begins with a the message, "Americans don't want a machine. They want something that knows what it feels like to be human." We see Alex with his family as they get blown up by a car bomb. "We're going to put a man in a machine."

Once the operation is complete we see Keaton, who says to make the suit more tactical and to also make it black. We then see Alex, in an all-black RoboCop suit. The visor comes down and there's a thin red line where his eyes are. He moves like a robot and shoots his gun.

Next sequence shows black-and-white night vision of a bunch for guys shooting at RoboCop.  Alex jumps off his motorcycle and shoots back. His night vision is black and red.

Another scene with his wife is shown. She's trying to get him to acknowledge her, but he's moving her aside like he doesn't know her. Cut to a montage of more mayhem and doctors saying he's somehow overriding the program.

What They Said:

"The biggest difference between the original version and our version is at Alex doesn't die." - Kinnaman

"I like to think of Novak as Rush Sharpton. He's a combination of those two guys." - Jackson describing his character as a mix between Rush Limbaugh and Al Sharpton.

"Throuout the movie Alex has this internal struggle between the artificial intelligence and his own soul and humanity." - Kinnaman

"When there's social interactions, the visor comes up. When there's a sense of danger, he's threatened or angry, the visor goes down." - Kinnaman explaining RoboCop new visor feature

"You should never fear the gun. You should fear the guy holding the gun, because the gun doesn't shoot itself." - Keaton explaining his character is like a vigilante

Hall H Verdict: This is a tough one to judge. Some people are skeptical, some enjoyed the footage, but almost everyone in here is eagerly awaiting the next panel, The Amazing Spider-Man 2. I can say that it's not the total train wreck that prior buzz led us to believe, so perhaps there's still hope for this reboot? Footage should be rolling out soon, so you can judge for yourself.

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