Comic-Con Hall H: 8 Things We Learned at 'EW' Visionaries Panel with Marc Webb, Alfonso Cuaron and Edgar Wright

One of the midday panels inside Hall H today saw the directors of The Amazing Spider-Man, Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban and Scott Pilgrim vs. the World chat about a number of movie topics from the state of cinema, behind-the-camera secrets and what kind of movie they'd like to work on next.

Here are eight things we learned from Marc Webb, Alfonso Cuaron and Edgar Wright.

1. "I wrote Gravity with my son. The story was born out of the idea of one single human floating completely alone in space and the idea of doing that character and turning everything into a suspenseful film. The whole film was a big miscalculation." - Alfonso Cuaron on how he conceived the idea for Gravity. He added that he planned to shoot it in one year, but it ended up taking four due to technology issues, hence the miscalculation.

2. "It was easier when they (stars Sandra Bullock and George Clooney) were separated. When they're together, they team against you. It was a competition they had about imitating my accent. They both sucked at it. They play me as a Cuban, not as a Mexican." - Cuaron 

3. "That's the fun with the villains. That's one of the reasons why we chose Electro as the main villain in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, not so that Spider-Man would have to contend with someone with a godlike force.  Electro was the most fun challenge of the movie. There's something so beautiful and magnificent about someone that can blend with electricity like that." - Webb, on the biggest challenge of making The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and why he chose Electro as the main villain

4. "The most important trait Electro can draw out of Peter Parker is the ability to empathize with people you don't want to emphasize with. In order to solve the problems that Electro presents to Spider-Man, he must learn to emphasize him. There has to be some sort of emotional component to make the story interesting." - Webb, on how Spider-Man must adapt to confront Electro

5. "The challenge this time was to try and do the action scenes without cutting. We evaluated the actors and trained them. They're doing all of their own stunts. There's a fight in the film where they face 15 year olds and the kids totally kicked their ass." - Wright, on making his third film with Simon Pegg and Nick Frost.

6. "Simon broke his hand during filming while repeatedly diving over a bar. He still had more fight scenes to film so he wore a black cast and when it came time to shoot, he would take it off. Simon suffered in silence." - Wright, on recalling a moment when Pegg toughed out the shoot for The World's End.

7. "The biggest thing that is changing in movies is the way they're being distributed. Now the multiplex is exclusively for blockbusters," Cuaron said. "It's very difficult, if not impossible to get a $15 million drama into the multiplex these days," Webb added. Wright countered, saying that there were more ways to distribute films now.

8. So what's next for these guys? Wright admitted Ant-Man has taken so long to make because, "I want to make it with 2015 special effects instead of 2005 special effects." Webb would eventually like to make a musical and has a comedy idea he's "been kicking around." Cuaron closed the panel saying that for his next effort, he'd like to make a horror movie.

Webb will be back on the Hall H stage tomorrow afternoon for Sony's panel while Cuaron and Wright will appear for Warner Bros. and Marvel panels, respectively.

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