Comic-Con Exclusive: Three 'Ender's Game' Banners Debut

As Ender's Game readies to invade San Diego Comic-Con's Hall H, Summit unleashes an early exclusive: three new banners of the film's pivotal characters. Check them out below, and if you're heading to San Diego, visit the Ender’s Game "Fan Experience" exhibit, located outside the Hilton Gaslamp district, where you can see the banners that are part of the eight elaborately constructed rooms that emulate the iconic environments of Ender's world. To skip the lines, you can grab a fast pass from Summit's booth located within the Grand Hall. We'll be there, so check back for our report.


Ender's Game Exclusive - Mazer

In the future, an insectlike alien race known as the Formics have invaded Earth. Miraculously, mankind survives with the help of war hero Mazer Rackham (Ben Kingsley), who sends the buggers fleeing back to space. Mazer knows they'll be back and stronger than ever, so a Battle School is set up to train youngsters for the inevitable invasion.


Ender's Game Exclusive - Ender

Asa Butterfield stars as the film's titular character, Andrew Ender Wiggin, whose tactical genius is revealed in Battle School. He and other gifted children undergo intensive training in simulated games to develop the skills needed to defeat the Formics. Ender continues to advance, skipping ahead several years of training, and Mazer takes Ender under his wing as his protégé.


Ender's Game Exclusive - Anderson

As with all book-to-film adaptations, changes in plot and character details are made to enhance the cinematic experience. One stark difference in the EnderVerse is a switcheroo from Major Anderson to a female version played by Viola Davis. Anderson oversees Battle School and witnesses Ender's superior development.


Don't miss Ender's Game in Hall H on Thursday, July 18, where Summit will present never-before-seen footage of the film. For our full Comic-Con coverage and exclusives, visit Fanboy Fix.

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