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Comic-Con: Day 4 - 'Friday the 13th' Teaser Poster! And More...

From Stacie Hougland: More from Comic-Con...On the horror front, we got a first look at Sam Raimi's Drag Me to Hell, in which Alison Lohman plays a girl literally dragged off to a world of evil spirits -- it looks like good campy fun in true Raimi tradition. We saw a couple of scenes from it, one a rad catfight between Lohman and a garish old woman that puts office supplies to all new use. Raimi assured us that "no cats were harmed in the making of the movie," alluding to one gory (and PETA unfriendly) scene. And did I mention the insects? Oh yeah...the insects.

Best of all, Raimi confirmed it: Evil Dead 4 IS coming, and in fact he had plans to meet with his brother in the coming weeks to start talking over ideas.

We also got a first peek at some teaser footage (and the new teaser poster!) from Friday the 13th, another seemingly pointless horror remake, but in fact looks pretty awesome for fans of the series.


Drawing hoots and hollers from the packed house was the opening scene where two hapless young people come across the sign to Camp Crystal Lake. They stumble upon a filthy and apparently abandoned cabin (a child's bed has the name "Jason" carved into the headboard), and what looks like a shrine--out of which they pull a human head! Suddenly the door slams shut behind them, the kids get reallly scared, and BAM -- a machete comes through the floorboards, and the guy gets pulled into a hole in the floor. Screaming and terror ensue, and the footage cuts to the terrified girl in the woods being chased down by a knife-wielding Jason. Good stuff!

Rather than being strictly a remake of the first Jason movie, it's really more of a reboot to the franchise. "We tried to take the best parts of 2 and 4," said producer Brad Fuller. When asked why it doesn't focus on Jason's mom, like the original, he answered, "We felt that today, people would have a hard time believing Pamela Voorhees could kill someone big like Jared Padalecki [as he gestured to the movie's star at his left]. And people want to see Jason, they want to see Jason killing people. You do see Pamela in the movie, though." ("Ssh! Don't give too much away!" scolded co-producer Andrew Form.)

When asked if this film retains some element of the supernatural, like the first few in the original series (how did Jason ALWAYS know where to find his victims? How did he come back from the dead?), Fuller adamantly said No. "We stayed totally away from that. It's scarier to think it's real, so we wanted to keep it rooted in reality.

The producers also confirmed: Plans for remakes of The Birds and Nightmare on Elm Street are in the works. Can Hollywood come up with any original ideas anymore?

* * *

Death Race, a re-invention of Roger Corman's bizarro, graphic 1975 horror/action/race car movie, takes the concept in a new direction. Instead of schlocky violence involving people getting killed for points, it's hardcore action, showing the origins of the death race between several convicts vying to win their freedom and kill their opponents while doing it. Rather than running over innocent bystanders, they run over sensors in the road, which activate (or "power up") the cars' offensive or defensive weaponry. It sounded kind of dumb (eh? Let's run over...a button on the road?) but onscreen looks freaking cool, especially if you're a fan of the Mad Max-type genre.

In fact, the director pointed out that Corman's Death Race 2000 was inspired by Road Warrior, so the new movie's cars are literally flat-black, armor-plated Mustangs and trucks loaded with all kinds of weapons--you name it: rocket launchers, machine guns, oil slick and smoke screens. All the stunts were performed by actors or stuntmen, and the filmmakers used zero, that's right, zero CGI. Said star Jason Statham, "I wanted to be in the film as much as possible and do as many of my own stunts as possible. We had to be really careful because we were looking at the road out of slits in the car armor. The cars were harder to drive, because loaded with all that stuff, they were really heavy."
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