Comic-Con Day 3: 'Zombieland,' '2012' and More

Braving the crowds on Saturday was no small feat, and as the line piled up outside Hall H, having gotten there waaaay earlier than necessary turned out to be a great plan. Movie day began with a presentation of sword & stone flick Solomon Kane from the creator of Conan which actually looked kinda low-budget awesome, and Extract, with Mike Judge, the very funny Jason Bateman and Mila Kunis. The comedy's trailer is hilarious, the clips they showed a little less funny, but it definitely will be worth a look. One by one people in Storm Trooper and Superman outfits paraded up to the mike to ask questions like "What would you dress up as if you were coming here as a fan?"

"This is my first time here," Bateman said, joking,"I took a photo with my standup cutout at the Extract booth--he was very nice. But much, much taller."

Fans of TV's "Arrested Development" will be happy to know a movie is still in the works. "They're writing the script for the movie," Bateman said. "The will is there for all of us. Ron Howard and Brian Grazer are pushing things forward, it could be anywhere from 6-18 months. The very last scene of the show could lead in to the movie, if that gives you any idea."

Here's more from Day 3:


Written as a tv pilot originally, this twisted, violent, blackly funny zom-com in the vein of Shaun of the Dead ain't for the squeamish. One scene previewed had star Jesse Eisenberg on the run in his apartment from his hot neighbor who's turned into a zombie, who he finally kills with a toilet lid to the head. Another scene showed Jesse and Twinkie-obsessed rengade Woody Harrelson enter a grocery store armed only with a banjo on which he's twanging "Dueling Banjos." He employs it to kill one zombie, dispatching another with a plastic bag holder before meeting Emma Stone and her sister, who trick both of them out of their guns. Yes folks, it's that kind of movie.

From the stars:
Woody: "It's high time I got offered a zombie movie. I thought it would be silly, but reading the script was riveting."

Their favorite ways to take out a zombie:
Emma: "I hit one with the butt of a shotgun, he fell 8 feet."
Woody: "Chainsaw!"
Jesse: "Amusement park ride."

Their favorite zombie movies?
Woody: "Zombie movies scare the s*** out of me. But I liked 28 Days Later. But that was a sleepless night after."
Jesse: "I'm scared of every movie. Especially Shrek.Emma: "Zack Snyder's Dawn of the Dead.


Roland Emmerich decides to take out the world and everyone in it--again--with this disaster pic based on a Mayan legend that claims a planetary alignment will destroy Earth in 2012. "I always like to use something real that is out there. Independence Day used Area 51. I always say I am not going to make another disaster movie, but this will be my last one, and I wanted to make the mother of all disaster movies."

One clip showed star John Cusack rushing home to save his family as the city of L.A. starts crumbling and exploding on a massive scale. Skyscrapers collapse, freeways crumble, entire street blocks disappear in giant sinkholes...yet Cusack and his family escape in a wild ride to the airport, where they manage to make it to a plane and fly off. It was only partly done, but it looks like it falls in line with Emmerich's other disaster flicks (The Day After Tomorrow, Independence Day--destruction and calamity on a grand scale). It could either be wild, cheesy fun, or a train wreck.

What is Emmerich's favorite of his own disaster pics? "Stargate, the first movie I made in America."

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