Comic-Con Day 3: 'Iron Man 2'!

Comic-Con Day 3: 'Iron Man 2'!

And now people, for the main event! The line outside Hall H now wrapped and wrapped and wrapped again. Everyone waiting was summarily told they weren't getting in--the Hall was at capacity with some 6,000 people.

Jon Favreau comes out, looking like a rock star with flashbulbs going off and an enormous cheer from the crowd. A few words from the moderator, and then...out comes Robert Downey Jr. in sunglasses, and the crowd goes wild! The two led the audience in a chorus of "Happy Birthday" for Favreau's little boy.


The positively beaming star and director were then joined by co-stars Don Cheadle, Scarlett Johansson and Sam Rockwell. Nothing's better than seeing actors and moviemakers who love their work so much and are truly thrilled to show it to fans. Favreau started by thanking everyone in the room for their support over the last two years. "We just wrapped so I am afraid we don't have anything to show you," he lamented....

"What are you kidding? Let's show them!" shouted Downey as the fans screamed and the lights went down.

We got to see about five minutes of footage. First Iron Man has his first meeting with the eye-patched Nick Fury at a donut shop. Then there's an extended scene of Tony Stark before a senate hearing where he is accused of owning a secret weapon that should belong to the Armed Forces. It's led by a senator played by Garry Shandling. "It's not a weapon," he explains," it's like...a prosthesis." Stark wins over the audience in attendance, saying, "I've successfully privatized world peace." "F** you," says Shandling. In another scene, Mickey Rourke makes an appearance wielding huge electric whips and a bridge of gold teeth. And we also got a look at Don Cheadle in the War Machine costume, arm guns blazing and a giant pivoting machine gun attached to his back. Get ready for 2010's biggest film.

"We wanted to maintain the tone, the dynamic between the characters, not add too many people but people who will move us toward the Avengers film," Favreau explained.

Someone asked Cheadle about War Machine. "Your rig's cooler than mine!" Downey chided him.

"It's a contractual thing," Cheadle shrugged.

Scarlett, on her audition: "I did a couple of deep knee bends," she said, blinking at the audience. "Oops. That came out wrong."

Downey, on working with Rourke: "I thought I was eccentric! He really wanted to be here but he had a scheduling conflict. He's really excited about the movie."

Cheadle, on the tone of the movie: "Through Tony Stark, we wanted to convey the idea that no man is an island. You need help from others."

Favreau, on the storyline: "Everyone asks if we're going with the 'devil in a bottle' storyline. The movies aren't as dark as the books, but we wanted to show how he struggles to maintain his identity, even as he's saving the world."

Scarlett on training: "It was a lot of mixed martial arts. I like movies where the actor does their own stunts, so I wanted to do it, it was a matter of just putting in the time. And egg white omelets."

Someone from the audience ended with a dumb question. "Can we make that a half question?" Downey joked. "Like a half question and then we can have another half question?"

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