Comic-Con Day 2: 'Where the Wild Things Are'; Denzel and Gary Oldman Present 'Book of Eli'; The New 'Nightmare on Elm Street'; 'Jonah Hex' and Megan Fox at the Con; 'Sherlock Holmes' and Robert Downey Jr.; and News on the Next 'Batman'

Warner Bros. started off Day 2 of Comic-Con fast with several fantastic clips from Where The Wild Things Are, introduced by young lead star Max Records. Safe to say, if you loved the trailer -- and we're sure lots of you did -- than you would have been bowled over by these clips, too.

ImageThe amazing vision of children's book legend Maurice Sendak looks to have been translated, extended and upgraded by Spike Jonze beautifully, with an amazing musical score to boot.

After WTWA, Comic-Con fans received a stargazing treat when stars Mila Kunis, Gary Oldman and Denzel Washington showed up to promote -- with sibling filmmakers the Hughes Brothers in tow -- the apocalypic actioner The Book of Eli.

Some tidbits: Denzel did do all of his own stunts and fights (a teaser showed off his excellent skills kicking much booty in a deserted, futuristic western saloon)...and, in some of the first Batman news to hit the Internet in awhile, Gary Oldman said that the next Batman movie begins shooting next year...

A Nightmare on Elm Street star Jackie Earle Haley also stopped by to thank Con audiences for suggesting he be cast in the iconic role in the first place, and also expressing much gratitude for his role this year as the equally iconic  Rorschach in Watchmen. The Nightmare teaser looked similar to the original, except maybe a bit darker and creepier, and starring a more elfin-looking Freddy Krueger. Look for it in theaters April 30, 2010.

Up next was Donnie Darko director Richard Kelly's upcoming thriller The Box, set in 1976 and based on an acclaimed tale from novelist Richard Matheson. The four minute preview, scored by alt-band Arcade Fire, featured a very creepy looking Frank Langella offering Cameron Diaz a strange proposition: push a button on a box, win a million dollars, but also, someone somewhere dies.

The visuals switch between a surburban neighborhood in Virginia and a strange, surreal, alternative future where Diaz's hubby James Marsden is haunted by a scary-looking valet and some gravity-defying water funnels. Odd, strange...but strangely compelling.


An exclusive reel -- made especially for Comic-Con -- was shown for Jonah Hex. All I can say is, the trailer involved lots of good 'ol fashioned western action, R-rated fun. Lots of sexy shots of Megan Fox with guns. Lots of scarred Jonah Hex (Josh Brolin) dishing out punishment. And lots of "Megan Fox, I Love You" and chants of "The Goonies" when stars Fox and Brolin took the stage.

Best segue of the WB panel: cheers for Megan Fox (pictured here in costume) posing after the Jonah Hex presentation, right into a standing ovation for superstar Robert Downey Jr. taking the stage to introduce an extended trailer for Sherlock Holmes.

Joining Downey Jr. after the clip were the producers and fetching co-star Rachel McAdams. Downey Jr. spoke out on the martial arts he learned for the movie, claiming he could lay "windmills" on the entire grinning audience. He did offer one word of advice, though..."Don't ever mess with a girl. It's really embarrassing to get your ass kicked by a girl...unless you're a girl." Words to live by, straight from Sherlock Holmes/Iron Man. Look for Holmes in theaters this Christmas.

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