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Comic-Con Day 2: Nic Cage Gets 'Angry' and Ellen Page Is 'Super'

Day 2: The chaos and over-zealous reactions from fans in Day 1 have died down a bit by Day 2, which began with none other than Nicolas Cage, who seems to be starring in most of this summer's movies. Drive Angry is Cage's newest gig. The revenge action thriller tells the story of a father seeking revenge after his daughter is killed—a la Edge of Darkness.

Nic adamantly said he likes characters that raise more questions than answers: "My character is driven. He's not on drugs but he does enjoy a bit of sugar…there's just something about this character that is a mystery." Nic fans have nothing to worry about though—he promises to keep making films as crazy as they can be. "I'm eclectic and always looking to push the boundaries…at this point in I'm opening my options."

Nic Cage in 'Drive Angry'

Director Colin and Greg Strause said their latest project Skyline began while they were chatting with friends over the difficulty of making movies—and then Paranormal Activity came out. So the duo decided to shoot their own film. "We wrote, designed, and shot in less than eleven months," said G. Strause.  "If you hate it—we can't blame anyone." The film highlights the lives of young professionals battling to survive an alien invasion in Los Angeles.

Switching to comedy, director James Gunn, Rainn Wilson, Ellen Page, and Liv Tyler made their way into Hall H to promote the pseudo-superhero comedy Super. Kevin Bacon, who plays a drug dealer that ultimately destroys Wilson's marriage with Tyler, was a no-show. The hilarious plot takes a comic turn when Wilson decides to become a superhero to win his wife back, and Page becomes his (thirsty for action) side-kick. Thrilled to join the low-budget film, Page admitted to falling in love with her character. "She's a lunatic, she's got issues, and she's ready to kill anyone." Although the shooting process was hellish, according to Gunn, the trailer and exclusive footage had the Comic-Con crowd in stitches.

The cast of 'Super'

Don't Be Afraid of the Dark—its mission is to scare the living day lights out of you. Guillermo Del Toro, writer and producer for the film, introduced the trailer, and, trust me, people were thankful when the lights came back on. Toro's reaction to the trailer?  "What the **** was that?!" The film is directed by Troy Nixie, Del Toro's protégé. According to Del Toro, "Horror needs to have balls and those balls need to be sweaty and wrinkled…[this film] combines fairy tale and horror based on the original film."  And if you're wondering how scary this film is, Del Toro says it's meant to hit you "like a mother-******." (Pardon his French).

Up next, the h-i-l-a-r-i-o-u-s cast of The Other Guys! Will Ferrell, Eva Mendes and Mark Wahlberg had the crowd in tears. There wasn't much talk about film since the trio was too busy chatting about Anchorman, Eva dating under aged-boys, and Wahlberg shouting out profanity in Hebrew.

The much-anticipated panel for The Green Hornet was the last featured film of the day. Seth Rogen and Christoph Waltz received a lot of praise and love from fans. Seth admitted that his costume mask was a "pain in the @$$, I developed pimples—a rash almost, I was sweaty most of the time." But, jokes aside, Seth, a life-long comic book fan, was one of the writers on this project and says the great thing about Hornet is the relationship story line created around the action heroes. Waltz plays the villain in this film, so, when fans asked how subtle his role was, he answered, "I was asked to play a very subtle character and was handed a double barrel gun…so that's as subtle as I can be."

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