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Comic-Con Day 2 Hall H Recap: Spielberg, 'Spider-Man' and a Double Dose of Kate Beckinsale

They came to see Steven Spielberg, they stayed to see Spider-Man. The second day of Hall H panels was packed with big moments and huge stars. 

Steven Spielberg and Peter JacksonSpielberg kicked things off in the morning to promote his December CG-animated film The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn. But before the director could get into that, he accepted the Lifetime Achievement Award from Comic-Con Programming Director Eddie Ibrahim. Spielberg was then joined on stage by Peter Jackson and the two conversed about their love for Tintin stories and updated some of the other projects they're currently working on. (Read the full Tintin recap and watch our exclusive Tintin interviews.)
Next up was Relativity with a pair of films – Haywire and Raven. Haywire was first and Steven Soderbergh was joined on stage by MMA fighter Gina Carano and Channing Tatum. We not only got a first look at the Haywire trailer, we also watched a Hall H-approved clip of Carano and Michael Fassbender in an extended fight sequence in a luxury London hotel. During Q&A one of the fans said it was nice to see a woman kick butt on screen and have it actually be believable.
Raven was next up and John Cusack was joined by Alice Eve and Luke Evans, who unveiled the first trailer for the movie. Raven is a fictionalized story of Edgar Allen Poe, who's suspected of being a killer when murders are committed, mimicking his short stories and poems in a Seven-like manner. The footage seemed very reminiscent of the Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law Sherlock Holmes movies. Director James McTeigue said that the setting was moved to Eastern Europe to capture the feel and look of 1800's Baltimore. Raven and Haywire are due in theaters next year.
Kate BeckinsaleScreen Gems was up next to promote Underworld 4 and Attack the Block. Director Len Wiseman was joined by his wife Kate Beckinsale along with Michael Ealy. The panel provided a sizzle reel featuring clips from the upcoming movie, which is full-tilt action. Beckinsale returns as Selene who is in search of her daughter and nothing will stand in her way. I've nothing against Rhona Mitra, who starred in the third Underworld movie, but with Beckinsale back in the lead role, it feels just right.
Next up was British indie hit Attack the Block, which, as director Joe Cornish put it, is like "a bunch of aliens landed in the backyard of a bunch of badass mofos and wish they'd landed in Elliott's backyard," referring to the kid from E.T. We got an extended look at an escape sequence that was both taut and well-acted. The Hall H crowd seemed to like it, but welcomed it with only lukewarm applause.
The next panel featured Dreamworks' Fright Night remake. You can tell they're really trying to push this movie with four clips shown to try and entice a seemingly indifferent Comic-Con crowd. Colin Farrell appeared on stage with Imogen Poots, Anton Yelchin and Christopher Mintz-Plasse who fielded random generic questions about previous movies (Farrell received numerous pats on the back for In Bruges). The one-hour panel seemed to drag a bit, but Farrell closed it by signing his name card and giving it to a fan.
And then came the moment of truth. The Sony Pictures panel – a 90 minute presentation of four movies, capped by the one movie the Hall H crowded had waited to see the entire day, The Amazing Spider-Man. (Read the full Sony recap.)
The day technically closed with a pair of horror movies, Grave Encounters and Tucker & Dale vs. Evil, but a majority of the Hall H crowd exited the room when Spider-Man wrapped. Those who stayed were treated to a few clips from each film.
Saturday brings the final day of major panels inside Hall H. Francis Ford Coppola will kick things off and we'll also get a look at Immortals, Knights of Badassdom, Snow White and the Huntsman and Dorothy of Oz. Kevin Smith will close the day, hosting a two-hour panel that is sure to be filled with plenty of F-bombs and dirty jokes.
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Sony Scores a Grand Slam with 'Spider-Man,' 'Ghost Rider,' '30 Minutes,' 'Total Recall'