Comic-Con Day 1: 'New Moon' Screens 2 Clips--Jacob, Edward Shirtless!

From the very first panel at 11 a.m. Thursday in Comic-Con's Hall H, moderator Patton Oswalt could tell a good amount of attendees were Twilighters—"hot, young girls and…sensitive older men," as he put it. They were staking out Hall H to guarantee their seats for the Summit panel at 1:45 p.m. He commended the "vikings" who camped out overnight, ate power bars and took showers with Wet Ones. Those Twihards were rewarded for their efforts with two exclusive New Moon clips, which revealed a bare-chested Jacob and Edward.

Taylor LautnerThe screaming was loud enough when director Chris Weitz, Taylor Lautner, Kristen Bell, Ashley Greene and Rob Pattinson made their entrances. But as soon as Jacob's shirt came off in the clip, the hall erupted in screams so high-pitched, they were sure to send canines running.

Here's the play by play: Bella's on a motorcycle, receiving instructions from Jacob. He's standing in front of the bike, facing her, telling her how to use the hand gears. Their hands touch—it's a magic moment. As Bella starts up the bike, it lunges forward, then stalls. In that brief moment, Edward appears as an apparition beside her. (Bella's hallucinations of him are a result of her reckless behavior.) She's determined to give it another go. She shoots off on the dirt path, leaving Jacob in the dust. As she gathers speed, Edward's ghost appears a few times beside her. She whizzes past him on her right and cranes her neck to look at him. After whipping her head to face forward again, she realizes she's about to crash and shouts back at Jacob: "How do I stop?" He shouts directions to her, but it's too little too late and she crashes the bike, gets thrown off, and hits her head on a rock. Jacob takes his own motorcycle and catches up with her. A lot of blood is oozing from the side of her face, so he takes off his shirt—in a full, upper-body camera shot—and we glimpse his ROCK. HARD. ABS. Total beefcake! Cue the screaming, which didn't die down after that. He rolls up his shirt and uses it to gently dab Bella's bleeding gash. "You're beautiful," she says to him.

During the Q & A panel, right before the clip played, Lautner answered a question on what was most challenging for him: the physical changes of Jacob after Twilight. "I worked really hard to try and transform Jacob's body so I could portray him correctly for all of you guys," he says over the constant screaming. "And I hope you guys are pleased when you see the results."

Robert PattinsonThe second clip came as a surprise at the end of the New Moon panel. Alice is driving recklessly through the streets of Italy, trying to get a deeply worried Bella to Edward before he decides to step into the sunlight. All around them, crowds are cloaked in ominous red for Volterra's Saint Marcus Day Festival. When Alice takes Bella as close as possible to the clock tower where Edward is, Bella runs from the car, jostling through the impeding crowds. She reaches a big, circular fountain in the middle of the square and sees Edward across from it, standing underneath the shadow of the clock tower. He doesn't see her. His eyes have visible bags underneath them, giving away his hopeless despair. In dramatic slow-mo, he takes a step toward the sunlight and unbuttons his shirt. It's a full-body view, revealing his PALE. BARE. CHEST. From here on out, the screaming is on par with or beyond Beatlemania! The scene cuts back to Bella, who climbs into the fountain and rushes across it. It cuts to the New Moon title and all we hear is Bella, screaming, "Stop—STOP! NO EDWARD, DON'T!"

One of the highlights of the Q & A, and probably the most comical, was when Stewart, Pattinson and Lautner reveal what they're excited about in the forthcoming movies:
Lautner: "I'm excited for the hype of the love triangle when me and this guy (Pattinson) have to try and become friends to protect Bella. The sleeping bag scene!"
Stewart: "I can't wait to actually get pregnant."
Pattinson: "I think being involved in the Caesarian would be it. I just can't wait!"

Later that evening, thousands of fans who purchased their Twilight Special Screening Event tix on Fandango flooded the Gaslamp Stadium; all 15 screenings sold out! Moviegoers enjoyed a special intro to the film from cast members.

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