'Cloverfield' Sequel Trailer Arriving with 'Iron Man 2'?

Much like the mysterious, secret entrance that Cloverfield made back when a teaser trailer popped up in front of the first Transformers movie, driving everyone mad with anticipation, J.J. Abrams and his rag-tag group of creative geniuses have pieced together another secret movie … and its first trailer will apparently be teased prior to screenings of Iron Man 2.


The film is called Super 8, and some – including Drew over at Hitfix (who first broke the news of the teaser) – say that this could indeed be a trailer for some type of Cloverfield sequel or prequel. Obviously a title like Super 8 leads us to believe we'll be once again following the Cloverfield monster, but instead of following it (and the characters) via a digital movie camera, it'll be a Super 8 camera. The presence of a Super 8 camera would also suggest that this could be a prequel and not a sequel; perhaps a movie set back in the '70s when folks only had Super 8 cameras to use?
Abrams admitted last year that they were working on something regarding a Cloverfield sequel, but it was in its early stages. Could it now be ready for some type of teaser trailer? Will Super 8 be hitting theaters in January, 2011, around the same time Cloverfield hit? Or is this project something completely different? I guess we won't know until those midnight screenings of Iron Man 2 on Thursday, but at least it definitely gives us something more to look forward to, right?
Would you be excited if Super 8 turned out to be a Cloverfield sequel, or would you prefer it to be about something else?
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