Christian Bale and Woody Harrelson Square Off in Star-Studded 'Out of the Furnace' Trailer

Three years ago, Crazy Heart not only earned Jeff Bridges an Oscar but helped establish director Scott Cooper as a filmmaker to keep an eye on. Cooper had toiled for a decade in bit parts in various movies before he transitioned behind the camera in 2009 for his three-time Oscar-nominated movie.

Now Cooper is back with a stellar cast in Out of the Furnace, a thriller about a man who takes matters into his own hands to find his brother and, along with it, justice.

The cast is nothing short of stellar with promising performances from Christian Bale and Woody Harrelson and a supporting cast that includes Willem Dafoe, Zoe Saldana, Forest Whitaker, Casey Affleck and Sam Shepard. The movie hits theaters December 6 and there's a good chance it could make an awards-season push.

Check out the Pearl Jam-infused first trailer below as well as a few screen caps and let us know what you think in the comment section.

Aww, Bruce Wayne and Uhura are all snuggles. (Don't tell Spock.)

1) This probably hurt more than Casey Affleck is showing and 2) is that house in the background on fire?

Not-so-Happy Haymitch.

Flawless victory.

S**t just got serious.

Kind of feel bad for Zoe here. Couldn't they have at least put "ALMA and Teen Choice Award Winner" above her name?




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