Channing Tatum Might Direct 'Magic Mike 2'

The first half of the 2012 has certainly seen the emergence of Channing Tatum. From the sappy romantic drama of The Vow to his comedic turn in 21 Jump Street and his performance as Gina Carrano's punching bag in Haywire, Tatum has enjoyed critical and commercial success.

Looking back though, Magic Mike may be his biggest hit of the year. Perhaps not in dollars (Jump Street and Vow edge out Mike by a few million) but in terms of movie association, the film has generated enough buzz to warrant sequel speculation.

Now Tatum is taking that buzz a step further telling German site Filmstarts that he is considering directing the sequel himself. The venture would mark Tatum's directorial debut, along with notching acting and producing credits on the film.

But what will the sequel be about? Screenwriter and producing partner Reid Carolin chimes in saying, "We're talking a lot about it. We have a story, and it is really ridiculous and fun. It's a road movie sort of thing, where a bunch of strippers get back together. It's more of a broad comedy. I don't know whether it will happen or not."

Tatum is also busy piecing together a Broadway version of the show and, for now, it appears that production is taking precedent over Magic Mike 2.

Would you like to see a sequel to the first film or would it feel unnecessary given where the first film leaves the characters?

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