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Channing Tatum Goes to a Job Interview and All Hell Breaks Loose in New 'White House Down' Trailer

If the first trailer for White House Down felt a bit somber and ambiguous to you, this new one delivers the exact opposite - lots of action and a better idea of what the plot is (aside from terrorists attacking the White House).

Yahoo Movies premiered the latest trailer for the Channing Tatum action flick about a man who goes to a job interview for the Secret Service and ends up protecting President Jamie Foxx from a massive terrorist attack.

Whereas the first trailer lacked dialogue, here we get Tatum channeling his inner John McClane from Die Hard and Foxx doing his best Samuel L. Jackson from Die Hard with a Vengeance impression, minus a few hundred F-bombs.

Take a look at the latest trailer below and sound off below with your thoughts on this film. Did this action-packed trailer convince you to see the film? Does it feel like Olympus Has Fallen?

White House Down is directed by Roland Emmerich and arrives in theaters June 28.


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