Celebrity Tweets: 'Power Rangers,' Miley Cyrus and 'The Butler' in Washington

Happy Hump Day! Here's what the celebs have been tweeting the past couple of days...


1. Someone needs to give her heart a break before she has a heart a-ttaaaaa-aaaa-aaack.

2. Also, Chad Michael Murray. House of Wax.

3. Little Miss Sunshine is turning into a metal head. 

4. Was she trying to hashtag "twerk" or phoneticize "work"?

5. Here's where and when you can send marriage proposals and bribes to Olivia Wilde.

6. Another reminder that you're old. View the feature here.

7. No bones about it. Woof.

8. E) All of the above: Sustaining a sports injury while "fall from height" during a fistfight after leaning up for a better view of the TV.

9. Here's a conservative Scientologist's reaction to Miley's VMA twerkfest.

10. Go ahead, try to get that image of Billy Ray Cyrus twerking out of your head.

11. Justin Timberlake unveils a letter and new video for his fans. Watch it here.

12. The Humpty Dance, is your chance...

13. Oh yeah, and the Dodgers are probably headed to the postseason. The Cubs? Not so much.

14. Zucker wins.

15. Pau Gasol trying to make Kobe Bryant feel jealous.

16. It was a historic day in Washington, D.C. Seems fitting The Butler was there to witness it.


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