Casting Corner: Keanu Reeves, Anna Faris, Chris Evans and More

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Anna Farris, Liv Tyler and Ryan Gosling

-- Another Bill and Ted movie for Keanu Reeves? Believe it: On the red carpet at the Oscars, MTV asked Reeves whether there'd be another Bill and Ted. He replied, "I'm trying, I'm trying." When pressed on whether he was joking, he said, "I'm not." Could you imagine Reeves reprising his dude-like character? I can't … not in a million years.
-- Anna Faris and Chris Evans have signed up to star opposite one another in What's Your Number, a comedy about a woman who revisits all of her ex-boyfriends alongside her womanizing next door neighbor in the hopes of finding the man of her dreams. When you have to ask a womanizer for help finding love, you know you have issues. [Variety]

-- Men in Black III is beginning to heat up, as Bloody Disgusting reports that, aside from Josh Brolin possibly co-starring in the movie, both Sacha Baron Cohen and Jermaine Clement are in the running to play a new character named Yaz. And seeing as both of those guys are a little out of this world to begin with, one has to imagine that Yaz is some sort of alien.
-- Robert De Niro as a legendary football coach? Deadline Hollywood tells us that De Niro has signed on to play football coach Vince Lombardi in a feature film called Lombardi for ESPN Films. Lombardi, of course, was an instrumental figure in football as coach of the Green Bay Packers from 1959-1967, winning the first two Superbowls ever. I can totally see De Niro grinding it out the tough-as-nails Lombardi, and it'd be cool to see a football movie that takes place during the real dirty days before all the pretty boys entered the league.
-- Liv Tyler and Patrick Wilson have joined Terrence Howard and Charlie Hunnam in The Ledge, about a man (Hunnam) who's threatening to jump to his death from up top a high-rise building and the cop (Howard) who's trying to talk him out of it.
-- Ryan Gosling has now joined Steve Carell in a dramedy about a father whose life begins to go down the toilet as he tries to manage his relationship with his children. Gosling will play Carell's cool best friend, though it's hard for me to picture those two guys as best friends. What do you think? [Variety]
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