Cast Revealed for Steven Spielberg's Next Film

Though one would expect a director like Steven Spielberg to churn out films that only star high-caliber, A-list talent, the iconic filmmaker has decided to take a couple steps sideways for his next directorial effort, War Horse, as he’s not only put together a cast full of British talent, but he’s also chosen an unknown actor as his lead (sorry Shia LaBeouf).

'War Horse'

Based on the book by Michael Morpurgo (which was also turned into a successful play), War Horse follows the trials and tribulations of a young man named Albert and his beloved horse, who’s sold off to the French Calvary during World War I. As the horse travels far and wide, braving the atrocities of war, Albert eventually musters up the courage to go on a mission to bring his friend back home. Yeah, I can’t see this one ending with a dry eye in the house.
Playing Albert will be Jeremy Irvine, who’s done some TV work across the pond but not much else. Joining him will be the more well known Emily Watson and Peter Mullan (as Albert’s parents), David Thewlis, Benedict Cumberbatch and Stephen Graham. Tom Hiddleston (who plays the villain in Thor) is also in negotiations to play a Captain in the military.
Spielberg definitely likes his war movies, and after spending a considerable amount of time covering World War II (in movies and on television), it’ll be interesting to see how he approaches World War I. Are you excited for this film, or would you have rather the director take on something a little more audience friendly, like Indiana Jones 5?
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